Help w/ TexMod or Texture extraction needed

So I want to extract a texture from Borderlands 1, but I can’t find anything on how to do so. I’ve found TexMod and it just doesn’t work (when pressing play in logging mode the game starts but nothing else happens). All help is appreciated and thanks in advance.
You want the package extractor.

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Yes that is exactly what I want.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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@VincentDud I’ll close the thread as the question has been answered, or would you like me to leave it open longer for any follow ups?

@Giuvito No my question has been fully answered thanks. Is there any way I can close my threads in the future so you don’t have to?

No, a mod has to close it.

Ah ok bit of a mod resource waste, but I guess it’s more organized this way

they only have the 2 jobs. Make sure everyone plays nice, and close answered questions.

And one of those jobs is really easy.