Help with a Big Backwards Step

Getting to UVHM I struggled for a long time. Eventually I got a Sand-Hawk, Bee Shield, Pimpernel and Baby Maker. Things were starting to look encouraging. Then in mission “A Train to Catch” I went up to Level 58. However difficulty seems to have doubled. Weapons like the Sand-Hawk and Bee Shield seem to be ineffective. Having done most of the Captain Scarlett DLC there seems little chance to get any better weapons. Only my DPUH pistol seems to have any effect on enemies.

I am at a loss trying to work out how to move forward. Can anyone offer any help.



What level is your gear?

Usually 5-10 levels and your gear will get out leveled. This game has many effective guns not just OP guns like the sandhawk, pimp, and DPUH.

I don’t know who you are playing but check out the top gear threads for each character that should help.

If you wish to, you can restart UVHM and do Scarlett DLC again. The Mercenary Day DLC gives good loot in general, you don’t need legendaries to progress in UVHM, though of course it helps. As Derch says, most gear outlevels after about 5 levels. You can get enough solid stuff out of the Mercenary DLC with a close to on-level Bee shield (from Treeants in The Forest or Hunter Hellquist sidequest) to keep you going so that you can just use whatever you find. If you are really having that much trouble though, just reset UVHM and do the Scarlett DLC again.

If you have some Golden Keys try the chest in Sanctury, that gives on level gear, and has helped me out on many occasion


The majority of my current weapons are Level 54 to 57. Grenades are Level 48 to 56. I have made it to level 58 solo. To try and upgrade the weapons I tried farming and managed to get a new Hornet pistol. Most of today I have tried to get an upgraded DPUH from the Torgue vending machine just after meeting Piston. I went for 3 hours but there was not a DPUH. I tried to progress trough the arena but the 4th arena level is impossible. I was killed so many times just before the end that I lost nearly $4million. Do you have to progress through the Arena to stand any chance of a DPUH?

Similarly in the Tiny Tina DLC I have tried for a couple of hours to get an upgraded Bee shield but non have dropped. Is there a “trick” to doing this?

Currently I am doing a few side missions to try and get a few better weapons.

Finally what is meant by ‘OP’ guns and ‘OP’ Levels eg OP7, OP8, etc?


Thanks. The Golden Keys have been a bit disappointing. Three keys in a row only had Relics that were no better than those I already had. I got a sniper rifle with good damage however it had a fire rate of 13.5 and 2 bullets per shot. I wasted a lot of ammo with this gun.

I will get some more keys and try again.



How do you restart UVHM? I have been trying the Mr Torgue DLC as I know you can get the DPUH from the vending machines. At the first machine just after meeting Piston I tried for 3 hours but did not get the DPUH. I tried to get through the Arena but the 4th Level is impossible. It is frustrating as getting killed half way through the Arena 4th level means that you have to start again. As that didn’t work I tried to get a Bee Shield from the Tree Ants in The Forest. Two hours later - nothing.

I’ll plod on, after all I’ve got to half way through level 58 playing solo. Hmmmm… perhaps I should change my handle to “Mr Unlucky”


Select your character, then select UVHM and it should give you an option to restart UVHM. I think it’s “Q” to do so.

I don’t know the specific commands to re-set on PC, but it’s an option when you load a char or load another char, then reload your UVHM char. Remember it re-sets all of UVHM including DLC’s. Drops are random, tree ants will drop a bee eventually. Same with the Torgue machines, though a Hard or Intense Harold should also be fine at this level. I realize that’s a lot of tokens to spend on a lesser Harold though, you can also farm Savage Lee, but I think it’s quicker from the machines. With a bee and a DPUH, you can do the mercenary DLC and up your whole gear set from the loot train. Edit: for DPUH farming, you are just save quitting right at the start near a mchine right? with only a few options in the machine (kerblaster, nukem, rolling thunder, Harold) it shouldn’t take too long