Help with a Butcher build

What title says xD

Toying with Sal, I would want to get some feedback on my build.

any thoughts? :smiley:

loadout: legendary hoarder, rough rider, fire and shock butcher, slowhand and grog


I would move a point into Incite being as the com is boosting it already. I’m sure you can sacrifice a point. :wink:

I would take a point from Asbestos. Looks good though. Pretty much hitting the major points with skill point distribution. What nade are you going to roll with? Chain Lightning for survival, but if you don’t need it you can use a purple Magic Missile for extra slag. Are you dual weilding butchers? or will you pair them with a grog and slowhand? Most likely the latter, so prob. Slag on the slowhand would make sense here. freeing up the nade for crowd control if need be. Quasar would do nicely. I would like to see some game play from ya, X! :blush:

the image has you wearing a Sham. That would be a good choice depending on the Map you’re going through. But I’m a fan of the RR. it has great synergy with Sal.

Edit: on the Relic, I’d play with what suits your style best. BoA elemental matching the map you’re going through and extra cooldown. you can do a Deputy Badge for the extra reload speed or even a HoA with +39% Shotgun damage buff and FFYL w/second wind health buffs. I use that relic when farming Vermi.

Edit2: I must admit that I found the Butcher’s lack of DPS troublesome for Sal in OP8. When you end up in FFYL, you’ll find it tough to get up at times when only having Butchers as your main DPS item. Which is why I’d like to see some game play with this. I would go more Brawn tree if I were to try to run with the Butchers again. You’ll need copious amounts of slag good sir. :acmaffirmative:


yeah, i’m rolling mostly how you said kurt xD

I was thinking about a BoA more than a Deputy’s relic.


with good parts on your Butcher’s you can do without the extra reload buff. But don’t overlooks the Heart of Ancients with the Shotgun damage buff of +39%. and that extra FFYL you get from it pays off. It’s worth a run around for a bit to see if you notice the difference. I constantly overlooked that relic until I used it with the Deputy Build. Wow! :open_mouth:

Edit: The skin on your “Butcher” looks different. What’s strapped to your Sal’s back in the pic above? Could it be UCP?


This should help you a lot.


Yep. UCP Butcher re-skin.


You skipped Get Some: Bad bad bad bad bad!

never skip get some
For any reason
Find some points
put 5 of them there


What Chuck said; those five wasted points in I’m Ready Already need to move to Get Some.

The four points in All I Need Is One are also not useful. Locked And Loaded doesn’t seem super-useful with Butchers either, but unless you’re swapping a lot the “not much” from LAL beats the “nothing” from AINIO (and from what I’ve read, after taking into account swap time AINIO is never beneficial).

If there’ s UCP nonsense going on such that Sal’s skills aren’t what we think they are, some of this could be invalid. I’m interpreting your build as unmodded BL2 Sal skills here.

Those were the two parts that struck me as being incorrect; as far as minor tweaks to make it better, I agree with Kurtdawg13 about moving at least a point into Incite. Good skill, boosted by COM, definitely take that!

Fistful of Hurt is a great utility skill so finding a point somewhere for that (only 4/5 Bubblegum, probably) is worth considering.

Not sure why 7/5 FttB and 4/5 Last Longer instead of 6/5 FttB 5/5 LL.

Does’t Steady As She Goes have slight anti-synergy with Hyperion guns? If so, that would be a skill to skip in a Butcher build.

Something like this, maybe.


I need to add after further thought, I would move points from Money Shot and use them elsewhere. When spec’d into Inconceivable and 5 shots or 6, chaining money shots becomes a problem. If you are looking to chain money shots you’ll need to spec out of 5 shots or 6 so inconceivable can work properly. If you aren’t looking to chain money shots, I would move the points from money shot elsewhere and keep the Inconceiveable and 5 shots or 6 the way you have it @xmngr

Money shot is kinda pointless with the build you have. it’s unpredictable with Butchers adding ammo to the mag while in use. and topped off with 5 shots or 6 combined with Inconceiveable, ammo consumption will not be an issue for you. It looks more like spray and pray with the high fire rate and less reloads(get rid of money shot). :wink:


Ok, here’s my personal take here

All I need is one is useless here
Money shot is also useless
You have a fast gun that deals little damage per shot, so you don’t get much from NKLO (It’s still good… just not enough to put so many points in Gunlust)
Get the points out of I’m ready already
Remove the point you put in Steady as she goes
Put at least 1 point into incite
5/5 in last longer is better than 4/5
Asbestos is meh
If you have points left, consider Ain’t got time to bleed and Bus


Money Shot is useless unless you want 2 pistols as weapon cause your slow to empty your gun. Here is a build that’s great for what you want to do. Only downside is you need grog nozzle

Here’s pistol brawn build I’m using:
Has OP health as musch as OP8 enemy health might be even more heath than teramorpheus due to gear + skills. Can heal so much making grog nozzle useless. go fo either 2x stinger or 2x hornet or 2x unkempt harold.

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I used this version and whittled it down to this for level 61
Took a minute to get it rolling but once it did…

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Sorry for the Necro but I felt this was poignant and needed review:

I should add that this build is utilized in conjunction with a Determined Wardog COM with:

+6 Out of Bubblegum and
+5 5 Shots or 6.

This works great with the Butcher’s unnatural ammo consumption synergizing with 5 Shots or 6, not to mention Out of Bubblegum and Inconceivable’s synergy a Rough Rider shield. There isn’t even any reason to put points into Filled to the Brim unless you need it for your slag weapon but the COM probably boosts it plenty. This is also makes me want to try this even more now that I can reliably farm Overcompensater in all flavors and sink more points into Fire Rate and Survivability. You lose DPS but can easily farm it at all levels.

Here is a video from some YouTube Rando utilizing this loadout only instead of a Rough Rider he uses a
Flame of the Firehawk.

Notice the difference between his shield being up and depleted. This build is meant for a Rough Rider and Keep Firing since the fire rate gets stupid and you literally don’t need to reload.