Help with Agonizer 9000

Am fairly new to Borderlands and love it. I play solo and don’t have any friends who play. I am absolutely stuck on the Agonizer 9000 Boss and can’t face any more failures. Can I use the matchmaking online feature to ask some kind soul to help me ? And if so how. Would be very grateful for any help or advice with this.

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It’s certainly the toughest of the bosses in my view. You may want to include your platform so people know if they can help or not.

what platform are you playing on? and what level is your character?

PS4 and level 32

Highly annoying because got some good legendaries and was counting on the Pipe Porcelain Grenade to help but it’s not so good since the patch. Am just not a good boss fighter. Managed to kill Jupitus in BL2 without ever seeing him, just threw homing grenades and fired Baby Maker down the hole. Nowhere to hide with this boss.


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Phaseshifted to the online play section…

i can join you if you want to

Brilliant how do I get you to join in not used matchmaking before ?

give me your psn and i’ll add you

It’s andrewmarks1

Am outside of where the fight starts at the moment, what do I need to do next ?

accept my friend request and invite me to the game
invite from start -> social -> invite

Can’t see your invite, where exactly does it appear?

on playstation friends -> friend requests

Have just invited you.

Your an absolute star, could never have done that, can enjoy continuing to play the game now, excited about getting to the end now and can then start getting some proper legendaries on mayhem mode. Might give you a shout when I get to Troy and Tureen. Thanks again am very grateful.

Never played in coop before and couldn’t work out how to thank you before you left game.

sure send me a message if you need anything

gl hf

Emote by holding the options button and a emote wheel will pop up

Cheers will try it, any good tips for getting the Infinity ?