Help with Alani

Here is the situation: CR 100, playing PvP 90% of the time in solo queue, about 50% wins, mastered a few characters, most comfortable when paying Thorn.

In the last week or so, I have been having a moderate success with Alani, ranging from average to total disaster. Today, I had the following situation, in which I wander where the “L” and the “P” would be in LtP. Meltdown on Paradise, each team has one Alani.

Bay doors open and although sprinting I lose the race to get shards. Oh well, will do later. Killed some minions, healed some teammates, not many player killings. Around level 5 or 6, I trapped the other Alani in the bubble. I unloaded all four torrent hits on her (the combo goes 1,2,3,4 pause) and her health barely went town. I saw that I was hitting. A few seconds later, we exchange fire and I am dead. The recap screen shows that her Torrent did almost 1,500 damage to me in a couple of seconds. I checked the activated gear and she had two pieces a green and one other.

How is this possible when I was hitting her for almost nothing?

Did you choose “Surface Tension” at level 2? That makes the target in the bubble take 30% more damage. Maybe the other Alani had that selected?

I have been using this all the time because I barely would get 2 targets hanging at the same time, making the other choice not so good.

Oh ok that is strange. I haven’t had that happen to me before. Has it happened again since?

Well, I did a little damage, just nothing that would suggest how OP Alani is. I had a couple of more matches with her. Again, unless I trap a hero who is almost dead, the bubble plus several Torrent shots don’t seem to do much.