Help with "And they'll tell two friends"

(Hopeless Billy) #1

Hi guys,
Was hoping someone could join me for a couple of minutes so I can get this trophy?
On the verge of getting the Platinum trophy and apparently this is the last one, from the main game, that I need in order to get it (Afaik anyway. I spent ages trying to kill Craw only to find out that killing all the bosses wasn’t the only requirement!)

PSN: DismodestyBlaise

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
(also, sorry for posting a new topic when there are already so many, just didn’t want to post in a dead thread)

(Geomason) #2

I will be on later, we can do it no probs (psn geomason)

(Hopeless Billy) #3

Thanks man, I’ll try and get on a bit later

(Akish) #4

Hi guys,
after a Google search I came upon this recent-ish post. Could you help me with this one trophy as well?


I got the itch to play BL1 again after the handsome collection and only played it on 360.

thank you!

(Demod) #5

Just looking to see if anyone can help me with this trophy. I was hoping to platinum all the borderlands after playing them for the first time on ps4 and loved bl2 and bl pre sequel.

Thank you for any help I can get.

(Hopeless Billy) #6

Feel free to add me (psn: DismodetyBlaise) if you guys haven’t got the trophy already.
I’ll help you out next time we’re all online

(Sioppy021) #7

hey guys, are you still helping to get this trophy?
i would apreciate any help
my psn id:snakevortex

(jdschramm51) #8

Does anyone have this for ps4? Trying to get it on psNow. Let me know. Gamer tag jakmoney023

(Jan Minigo) #9

I would very much appreciate for someone to help me with the trophy, my PSN is JanMinigo.

(fahgotronPrime) #10

I need this Trophy as well. Me and my friend want to get back into this to finally get this platinum, but we need someone to help us get it. My psn is Gamzee-Makara-- dashes included.

(Geomason) #11

Are you on PS3 or PSNow?