Help with Axton for gear builds through OP levels

Well I’ve had no luck eliciting extra bodies, but you guys seem the industrious types, maybe you could help me out with some pointers on building Axton for solid RODP clears. I’ve got him built for explosive/grenade damage with a master grenadier com, and somewhat reliably tossed the OP2-3 run with a 72 badaboom, but king mong hates dropping leveled 'booms, and it’s rough to keep up with the digi minibosses. Can’t link my build because i’m technologically challenged, but i would appreciate any advice. For reference, my build is maybe one or two points different from vinylicpuma’s axton build.

you can show your build using this link, and then just copy and paste the link after your done, type in the Guns/Gear your using (Level of the gear also) under the link and people can give you better info

Did I do it right? That’s my build. I’m almost exclusively using a quik brawler badaboom, master grenadier with 41% grenade damage, 28% exp. resist, 6 grenadier and 5 steady, and HotA relic with 31.4% launcher damage, and some FFYL and SW buffs.

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yes, What say you @VaultHunter101 , @Kurtdawg13 @johnrr6


Its actually very close to the build i am running with. I like it. I would only say this: if you’re having survival problems. move the points you have in Metal Storm over to Willing. Otherwise, :acmaffirmative:

Good build for that Weapon Combo.

Maybe a Big Boom Blaster for more Rockets and Grenades.

Elemental Damage will trump straight Launcher Damage so if you are running Explosive…use an Explosive Damage Relic…any other Element…use an appropriate Bone Relic,

Bones are just tooooo good.

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Thank you muchly…to all of you, really. It’s quite a help even just to know I’ve got all my potatoes in the stew. I’ve been spending my time grinding for a new badaboom to absolutely atrocious results, is there any good alternative for a good weapon? I was reluctantly considering grinding TT for a DPUH, but i’m not sure that damage would be sufficient.

For weapons I would recommend getting your hands on a Flakker and a Torgue launcher for you are running an explosive build which will help you out in tight spots. Not sure if you have access to farm for an Ogre as that with also the DPUH is great on Axton explosive builds.

He is by far my favourite character, best of luck but you will not need it :slight_smile:

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Thank you, but how does that flakker-torgue launcher thing work? I’ve seen it, but I don’t understand it.

I can show you if you like? I have sent you a message on Xbone just reply if interested.

Best bang for the buck with explosive weapons is to run Pete’s bar for tokens. Then farm the Torgue vending machines!

Explosive mania!

If you have the Marcus Mercenary Christmas theme add on… Tinder Snowflake and the train are excellent places to upgrade Blue and purple mods, pick up a few legendary’s, and get an explosive damage relic. I think it is absolutely the quickest way to get a Legendary Soldier Mod as well.

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What about the KerBlasster? Aren’t the secondary grenades buffed?

it’s exceptoinal on Axton. :wink:

I prefer the Ogre though.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, guys, so I stuck with my build, but modified it with fastballs each level (very easy to farm, Boll has pretty good drop rates) in explosive and corrosive (because of the explosive damage relic suggestion, explosive outdamaged even corrosive fastballs against armored targets!) varieties. Farmed up a double-shot hornet (quite a pain, easy kill, just low rates) which was probably my saving grace against everything armored. I’m still only OP7, but your advice has been invaluable. Really appreciate the helpful reception, folks.

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