Help with BL 1 Loyalty Award

Basically, I had a BL2 save file at the time that I claimed TPS loyalty reward (which btw, why does the item need to be claimed at level 1? That pistol is honestly more useful to be a higher level version)

While I had BL1, I never played it until maybe 2 weeks ago.

However, the newly created BL1 save file is not being recognized for TPS loyalty reward. I researched this issue already, and I do not think deleting profile.bin is a good idea. First of all, shouldn’t you be entitled to that reward because that’s how the game is marketed. Second of all, it’s not like I didn’t purchase BL1, it’s just that I ever got the time to play it.

Now, I had similar issue with BL2 as well, but that issue was solved because in the “extra” option, there’s an option that let me reclaim the loyalty reward. So, this issue is not a hard problem to solve apparently, because AN OLDER GAME CAN FIX IT.

Can we get a fix to fix this minor issue please?

(basically, i really want a level 70 bullpup electric shotgun)

Level 70 bullpup aren’t a thing anymore

let me put it another way that’s more… understandable to someone trying to MAKE MONEY

I have serious doubt about purchasing Tales of Borderlands now, how do I know that I won’t be cheated out of my loyalty reward then? regardless of whether I can get a level 70 bullpup

(which btw, why didn’t they make reward items something you claim instead of automatically as new level 1 item… because they can, and they did before with shift items)

loyalty is promised as a reward, it’s an advertisement you put out. how the hell am i supposed to have confidence in purchasing your future products if you won’t honor this one?

Unfortunately yes its true it can only be used as a starter weapon.

But as far as obtaining what you were promised, Gbx are always willing to help if problems are encountered.
Submit a request for help with this link.

i researched that one too. there are users that got the reward through shift codes. but why do this on individual cases? some people bothered with it, and got what they deserved. some people don’t bother with it, and don’t get anything. isn’t this a very… unsatisfying… way of doing things?

why is a fix so hard to come by? as i stated, borderlands 2 HAVE this fix, so it’s not super difficult and unheard of.

i love the borderlands universe (and probably will get tales when it goes on next steam sales), just wanting to point out, this isn’t right.