Help with bugged npcs?

Hello, I have been farming savage lee for over a hundred runs with no Harold drops? Any suggestions for fixing this since I was able to get it on normal and tvhm but not uvhm. Thanks for any help

Keep trying! 9% drop chance each time you kill him. You just seem to be having some bad luck!

Thanks, had them dropping like crazy until I reached uvhm. I’ll keep trying.

I guess I was lucky in UVHM then, never had one drop in NVHM or TVHM though.

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Is that a literal 100 runs? Because it really shouldn’t take that long to get a Harold (unless you’re specifically holding out for the DPUH and discarding any others.)

Edit: What platform are you on? If you haven’t seen a single Harold in quite literally 100 runs, it makes me wonder if you’ve accidentally reverted to the unpatched version of the game.

Sometimes you just run dry for a while. Last time I farmed a Harold it took me over 30 kills to get one. Such is RNG. Over 100 kills with no drop seems like much unless you were extrapolating a bit but it’s not impossible. After all each time you kill him there is a 90 % chance that you don’t get it.

I had the same thing until I reached level 59. I went dozens upon dozens of times in normal and true.

It’s been 103 kills exactly and I wish there was something I could say I did to screw up my save but all I did was finish the game on tvhm and started uvhm right away until I could start farming savage lee and it just hasn’t dropped. I’m on PS4.

I’ve farmed Savage Lee A LOT and found a great many Unkempt Harolds across each mode with no issue. Technically speaking it is possible to have a 10% chance fail a hundred times but that is highly improbable (even less likely than finding a Legendary world drop with the old rates).
But anyway, BL2 is a complex and sometimes things just go wrong. If you’ve been able to get them before but not now it is probably not a case of you missing the drops either. So, quite frankly, I have no idea what is going beyond having extraordinarily bad luck. Therefore, I can’t but wish you good luck and I hope you can finally get something to drop again. Keep us informed!

I figured I would just reset my play through again, it’s working now. Thanks for the advice to keep trying.

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