Help with champs?

Hey guys!

Apologies if I’m posting this in the wrong place, I couldn’t see where else to ask broad questions (didn’t want to post the same message to each individual character page).

Essentially, I took a few months off and recently in the last couple days got back into it. My question is which champs out of my selection are viable (I’m unsure of balance levels atm) and if anyone has recommended builds for them. Since I can never decide what kind of champ to play, I kinda wanna learn one for each role/map.


Tank: Boldur/Shayne & Aurox - Honestly, I’d probably play both of these.

Pusher/Wave Clearer: Oscar Mike/Whiskey Foxtrot - I played OM for a long time before trying WF - I’ve seen very split decisions about these and am leaning towards WF but unsure of how he plays atm - red dot sight with push black flack or long range scope and bomb build?

Assassin: Currently #grinding for Pendles, but I did look into playing El Dragon. I’ve stuck with him for a good few matches, got to level 6 with him but I’m just not clicking with him.

Support: Probably Reyna but I want to get my clique together first.

So, yeah, any guides, tips, reasons for playing a specific champ is all welcome. If it helps, I can post pictures of my load-outs and summarise the chosen helixes for champs if y’all want.

If I’ve posted this in the wrong place, apologies, I’ll try and move it if that’s the case.

Tl,DR; Help me git good.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: My favourite game mode is incursion next to meltdown - I find that I have to remind myself to get xp and shards to get levels up - I tend to favour wave clearing and my BIGGEST downfall is chasing kills - I need to tell myself it’s an objective game and then I go back to wave clearing.

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Well my tips are going to target a specific few of your characters.
In general all my loadouts have an item that generates shards

Now for specifics

Whiskey foxtrot: do his lore to get his legendary it is incredibly powerful.

Boldur: I go regen regen and more regen

For when you unlock pendles I go either all in on build cost reduction or regen

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Aurox and Shane: what kind of badass?

Tankish: go with damage eeduction, hp regen and extra shield. Getting Helix that improve shields.
Stealth: lvl1 left and get shield recharge delay, shield recharge pero second and cd. You can get some of the shield buffs.
Dps: attack speed and power and shard generator for fast lvling. Get the attack buffs Helix.

If need a visual help of the build let me knows

Dps: reload, attack speed and power
Savior (burst healing): heal power, cd and skill dmg
Healer/buffer/debuffer: cooldown all the cd you can get

What do you mean by what kind of badass?

My Boldur page has HP regen, damage reduction and move speed
My WF page has 2 recoil reductions, one with also cooldown reduction on and damage
My S&A page has shield recharge rate, max hp and attack speed

What about the champs? I really can’t differentiate between WF and OM atm. I like Dragon but can’t seem to get the hang of him.

Yeah, I’ve seen his lore item - P good! Now to kill some oscar mikes.
Boldur has HP reg, hp/damage reduction and move speed.

Shard Regen worth a slot?

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I run shard gen on all loadouts(even if it’s a secondary effect) because it helps you get your gear that much faster

Not really Whiskeys role and not how I’d recommend approaching him - he is listed as an Assassin and your ideal job would be to put constant pressure on anyone who dares show their face anywhere near you or your team. This of course includes minions, thralls and the likes but treating him as Oscar Mike 2.0 is gonna leave you disappointed. He is Whiskey!


His lore gear is one of those that looks “pretty good” on paper, but in practice is absolutely bonkers. If the Double Hug didn’t exist it would be the best character legendary there is. The fact that Whiskey has so many reload speed options already, and the buff to his rifle firing (sustained burst fire instead of squeeze fire), all work together amazing.

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Allowing Whiskey to auto burst makes him so much more accurate. I really miss having to work ( continuously pull the trigger) to make his legendary worth while.
Now you just hold the trigger. It doesn’t seem like a huge game changer but I understand why he originally didnt have the auto burst.

To the OP. For El Dragon (pre-recent buffs) I would run attack damage with max health increase, another max health increase, and a shard generator.

Keep moving, buying, and punching as much stuff as possible without losing health. Drop a dragon splash on minion waves and run away. Don’t engage battleborn until A.your gear is activated B. Kill gaurunteed or C. You are level 5 and have your Ult.

I like to use the stunner mixed with the helix that lets you turn around during clothesline. Hit as many things as possible and get out.

If by “stealth” Shayne you mean assassin Shayne, level 1 right will still alwaya be better.

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Hmm. Whiskey Foxtrot’s not so much for waveclear, he’s better at taking down players. El Dragón used to be brilliant, but he got nerfed heavily. He’s working his way back but I’d recommend Rath or S&A for your assassin slot. Ernest still has good waveclear, so long as you don’t mind rather average mobility - he’s my go-to pick for anything Meltdown these days.

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Dps is the assassin build. Stealth is used to deal dmg and get your shield back, that build is meant to clear waves or get out of sight and come back full shielded.

I’m gonna try and answer everyone’s post in one go, since that’s how this forum seems to be formatted.

I do really enjoy Whiskey, but I’ve seen people split between him being red-dot sight and close range assassin-y and people going for the scope and using him at range due to his incredible accuracy. I could always play both, I just assumed they had similar play styles - but perhaps they don’t? - is Whiskey more of a kill-based champ than a wave-pusher?

El Dragon is amusing to play but I’m losing my rag with him a bit - I just don’t think he’s my kind of playstyle. That or I’m just not used to him and have to stick with him but it’s always horrible learning a new champ and going like 2-7. Unless I should stick to levelling him up in story mode a bit first (This goes for every new champ, actually - I really don’t play story enough and so I tend to get bored of champs that I can’t play within a few games

I play Shayne as a shield tank (max shield up, Aurox steals shield on his grab, shield regen starts when I use q) actually, but can still assassinate people. She has my best win rate/KD ratio of all champs, and I really enjoy her.

I’ve never looked into Rath but am looking at playing Phoebe again - she strikes (pun intended) me as being quite relevant in the meta and I remember having a lot of fun with her.


I want to keep my champ pool quite tight (as opposed to what I do in every other game which is play every champ as I get bored too easily - I own (and can play) almost every champ in LoL and can never find mains) so any tips on the champs I’ve suggested would be appreciated. Based on what you’ve discussed, my new champ pool could be:

Incursion Wave clear/pusher - Oscar Mike
Any game mode - Assassin - Rath/Phoebe/Pendles
Any game mode - S&A for tanky shield, Boldur for HP tank as an aside here, what about Isic or Toby? I tried both but like i said earlier i don’t give champs enough time because I go straight to pvp, get disheartened when I die a lot and then give up on them.
Somewhere in this list Whiskey Foxtrot could appear but I’m struggling to see exactly what his role is - his abilities are sluggish and hard to aim on mobile champs and he has no escape unless you get push back on flak - he is accurate as ■■■■, however.

Hope I answered everyone there and hope y’all reply and hep me git good :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

You can actually run the same load out page for SaA and Boldur where or not you run the HP stacking one or Biiss/brute.

Same with Whiskey and OM. Whiskey is also not an assassin, but he plays a lot better with attack speed now that his gun auto fires for you.

Pendles is just pure cheddar and if he doesn’t get things to happen like he wants he’s really bad. Phoebe and Deande can still work.

Any support is good atm, Reyna definitely is the hardest. So as long as you have them unlocked they are interchangeable.

That’s simply not true, a good pendles will assassinate any squishy, exhaust resources, make 1v1s 2v1s and so one, and level 5 so on nobody safe, especially with miasma, a bad one stays behind enemy base and nothing else, though in incursion he is not as good


I agree, only time he is usless is when Marquis has eyes everywhere

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THANK YOU, though I do think he is legitimately going to have a really hard time on any incursion map that is not monuments

Yeah, Pendles is on my unlock list.

I like the look of Deande AND Ghalt too but fear I’ll try and be playing too many then!

@hexhammer what did you mean by the same page for boldur and S&A? Can you explain the items?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Pendles needs a high skill lvl to be played correctly.


Yup, main reason why I like him

Well that, and personality