Help with champs?

You should give ghalt a try, he is surprisingly fun

I’ve wanted to play Ghalt since I started (I don’t do enough story to have unlocked him yet) but my champ pool is growing a bit too large; I have Phoebe, S&A, Boldur and Oscar Mike already, and am loathe to keep learning new ones. I SUPPOSE 5 wouldn’t be too hard to do.

Now I have a new lease in playing (I went 7-3 with Phoebe while my team fed horribly) I just need to figure out how to get better teams. Like, I’m not being salty, but I either win or lose by a landslide, and it’s usually loss. 100% certain there’s things I can do better still obviously, but kinda hard to get somewhere when your team goes 8 for 29, and you have 5 of those kills…

EDIT: My last game went 25-4, and I had 2 of those 4 kills. I don’t wanna be salty but finding it hard to win games when probably 80% of my games have these teams, and have done since I started playing. I thought it was because my MMR was high, so i was being paired with higher level enemies but it’s getting a bit silly now. Will link my match history when i figure out how to do it

Anyway, back to the grind!

P.S. 5 “mains” shouldn’t be hard to keep track of, right? i mean they give you 6 pages after all!

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What platform are you on, again?

As far as matchmaking is concerned, you might not be aware but there actually isn’t any sort of win/loss matchmaking enabled right now. Back in the summer when the population took a massive dive, it reached the point where all platforms took far too long to find matches via ELO. In order to keep wait times down and people playing, Gearbox didn’t have much of a choice but to disable the ELO matchmaking, so now I believe it just runs by server location and tries for the best connection and quickest player finding. The population has seen small rises and falls since then but never enough to justify re-enabling ELO matchmaking.

Honestly, if you want to preserve your own experience of the game, the best way to do that is to find whatever sort of organized community there is on your platform. The Discord server is a good place to start for finding those people. There are players who are dedicated and do matches pretty much every single day on console platforms, maybe less so on PC but I’m sure there are still enough to group up with.

PC have dischord comunity
Ps4 have battleborn folks * you can add me
Xb1 is a mistery for me

I’m on PC and mostly game alone or with my brother, who is of similar rank/skill.

Honestly, I’m getting really sick of losing now, to be frank. I’ve won 31 out of 111 matches, and there’s only so much you can chalk down to bad luck/bad performance. I played 2 story missions and 5 pvp today and lost every game. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong because I can rectify it (hence the creation of this post - i thought i was playing bad champs) and I’m not a toxic player in general but there’s only so many games you can lose before you start to just get sick of it - it’s not fun when it’s continual losses, and I feel I’m going into matches just expecting to lose because of how most of my games I’ve played have turned out. I’m not saying I’m a good player at all, but I think it’s unfair to get consistently paired with 1-6, 1-5, 1-7 teammates resulting in 9-0 enemies and such.

It’s gone past the point of bad luck for me at the moment, and it’s really trying my patience, but I can’t figure out what it is. The only explanation is horrendous luck with match making and pairing - I can improve my game a whole bunch (I know that) but I only make up 20% of the team, and when most of my teammates are either going ham for kills or just dying, there’s not much I can do but get disheartened with my plays.

Sorry for the rant/if it looked toxic I’m just getting tired of it now. I might just take it easy and watch streamers and play story mode for a while, because I know as soon as i enter matchmaking I’ll lose.

My stats aren’t horrible - 334 kills to 526 deaths and 444 assists, and I know it can be improved, but I can’t improve my game when enemies are time and time again getting fed and winning. I think I’m on a 9 game loss streak, now? and that was only broken after a larger streak than that…

Ah well, it’s been helpful discussing champs, and I like my little selection, but I’m just not finding it fun right now. Time for a cool off period :stuck_out_tongue:

On pc the only thing wrong is your lack of experience, the veteran players there are the most hardcore

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Hey buddy if you save/upload a video i could help a little bit :slight_smile: i’m sry you feel this way tbh. I wish you could play on ps4.

Maybe you can find ppl to play with on pc

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So, I’ve had time to cool off and my tiredness and alcohol from last night has settled. My bad.

My teams are still a bit funny, but that’s the way it goes - I’m gonna look to improve my game entirely and make myself the best I can be.

I read a post that got me back into it and it said 5 mains is fine, as long as they’re a different job. So like ranged (oscar mike), melee (phoebe/deande) tank (boldur/shayne) then a support and a fill role.

But my play is bad because I’ve let myself get tilted too much and I’m forgetting some really key things - this game is a moba. In that respect, my two main problems are:

  1. Not getting enough shards/xp/minions and pretty much blind running into the team waiting for my team to follow me in. I’d do this with actually every champ, not just tanks.

  2. My positioning.

The first one is a big one - more often than not, I’d not be able to get to level 2 and the enemies are already level 2-3, and are then completely superior. I need to tell myself that I have to level up to be useful, but I usually lag behind.

My positioning also needs a lot of work - but I’m unsure how to get minions pushing without getting destroyed by their front line. Example: Playing meltdown as Phoebe and pushing a lane and there’s an enemy Orendi. The only way to hit her is to close the gap, getting minion aggro and turrets, or I let her push me, attack me, kill me and then I’ve lost lane. I also can’t seem to push minions on Incursion without getting destroyed, no matter who I’m playing.

TL,DR: I’m bad, I know what to do to improve - get shards, xp, farm and push methodically. Fighting should be secondary to that, really. It’s objective based, after all. Tips on pushing out lanes effectively / getting good cash?

First see if your team have strong wave cleaners like: orendi, Ernest, Galilea, kid ultra and Tag along with them to get some exp but not lose a lot of time focused on minions (unless they are dangerously closet to your sentry)

For assassin let the tanks get all the attention and see who is being focused and help to kill it, dont dive to deep (unless you have an escape like teleport or cloak), always stay close enough to a teamate for cover/support.

Ranged characters should always be behind tanks and meele heroes. As usual try to focuse fire un the same target as everyone.

Tanks needs to have better map control, constantly check your mini map to see if your team is right behind you. Remember to help if any squishy is in danger.

Sometimes you cant get out of a safe area without get wrecked, if you notice this i suggest save shards and build. I suggest to get your thrall btw minions Wave and buy a fat minion if you can time it with a Shephard it will be better for a push, while the enemy try to destroy them push/attack the battleborns.

This comes with experience but try to know battleborns spike lvls.

Boldur and shane survavility increase un lvl 3
Deande power spikes in lvl 4
Phoebe becomes dangerous lvl 5 and lethal lvl6(mutations)
Óm lvl2 fire nade gives a great área denial

Every incursion map has key element. Overgrow middle turret must be destroyed when pushing or about to push or else you will give them exp foro rebuilding.
Echelon middle healing station and acelerators gives a tactical advantage to keep constant push.
Monument if a ranged héroe can destroy the turret behind the sentry it will make minions push a bit easier.

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In meltdown never ever try to protect a lane alond unless you are in 1vs1 situation.

You dont need to destroy all minions but try to destroy as many as you can. Destroy and try to keep turrets control all the time if posible.

If you are in a situation of 1vs2 ping your lane for help, if you know you can destroy a minion or two before retreat do so, do not stay long(do not die) if you get no help from your team change lanes and help them get controll of that side before moving back.

This game has a hard lernig curve, i learned when everyone was a noob like me… So it was easier, everyone made awfull mistakes lol.

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I can pretty much give you a solution for both being underlevelled and pushing alike. If you have a minion wave incoming, look around for enemy turrets that will weaken your minion waves. Try to eliminate those first. Then you should focus on the minions. Killing or assisting on minion kills (and destroying buildables) will give you good XP and will help you get levels quickly. As soon as you got rid off the minion wave you can start focusing enemy Battleborn. Try to push them back using your abilities. Approaching a ranged character as a melee should scare them off most of the time. Try to affect squishy characters (for example Orendi, Mellka, El Dragon) with CC such as slows to force them to retreat. Build your own buildables to help pushing. Your tank (Galilea, Boldur, Montana etc.) should try to protect the minions by standing in front of them while getting healed by your support (Miko, Alani etc.). Assassins (Deande, Rath, Pendles etc.) should take advantage of any retreating low health characters. Mobile Battleborn (Caldarius, Mellka etc.) can distract the enemy team by diving in behind them and create confusion among them. Note that some supports such as Miko and Alani can also heal minions, so it can sometimes be a good idea to keep your Shepherd bot alive so it can overshield your minions and companions.

And the guys favorite game type is?

Also you act like you can’t see the character, which you can if you look the slightest bit. Then on top of that he is hard countered by grouping and every day abilities. The reason he can even do anything is the instant stealth off of his smoke bomb, otherwise he’d just get caught just like every other character in the game. Hell he probably wins more out of pure frustration enacted on the enemy player then anything else.

Well lots of people will probably have their own special snowflake builds. Like skill damage on Boldur to really merc that 1500 burst.

I’m talking about Blissbeast + Boots of the brute on the first one. they are both legendaries and are just as effective on both characters. You hit good tankiness with both of them, you have good added cc that covers certain weakness due to people always being able to click that left stick in, or whatever it may be on PC. Then as they try to just sprint away, you can body block and just beat them to crap.

Then you have the other build specifically the HP stat stick build that most switch to when they are not using legendaries. Which is flat HP item secondary HP for survive, Primary stat secondary 180 survive, then shield + shield regen or w/e. That right there is good on both due to the way DR functions on them. You feel a bit silly running around as Boldur with like 200 shield. Then you realize that’s 200 rechargeable HP for all them ■■■■■■ gun users. You could work out a better trade for the end item but its funnier this way.

They use the same items, so what ever you sub the shield for its fair game on both. As for playing to many I leveled all my lvl 15’s up at the same time as each other. The only one I ever focused on more then another was Gali cause I played 58 games straight on her. Play to fill the team comp and you’ll win more.

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I don’t act like he is invisible completely, but if you are not paying attention and instead focusing on waves or other battleborn, he can likely pass you, not go straight to you and you not notice, but he can sneak through, to say grouping is a counter really isn’t a good one considering AOE and ORENDI, everyday abilities countering him is not true, by that logic, deande is countered by everyday abilities as is everyone else

I talked about meltdown because it was his second favorite mode, in incursion yes he fares a little worse, but he is still a good thrall stealer and on incursion he is likely to take flash bomb, which handy to stop a wave, and if he took topic cloud it will do good damage to the wave

Yeah, I’ve won 4 today and lost 3, and the 3 I lost I was the MVP so something is sinking in.

Sorry for the roller-coaster guys, somewhere between talking to you guys, sleeping and not tilting it’s gone really well and I just needed to do a bit of soul searching. My positioning was piss-poor, and my oscar mike games have improved for it; 10-2 earlier and 3-3 on a game just where I had all my team kills.

Just need to keep working on levels, map awareness and positioning, and striking a balance as a tank between pushing waves and not getting ■■■■■■.

Champ clarification and sticking to a “main” was a big one for me; Oscar is my ranged/wave clear, Shayne is my initiator/tank, Phoebe is my close range assassin until I unlock Pendles and Miko is my support. My 5th slot is reserved for trying Ghalt. I’m also looking at “filling” and team comp more - i.e. waiting for teammates to pick and pick what we need, unless I really want to play X character that game. This also helps me not get too bored of champs as I have 5 to choose from.

On a final note, are there any streamers that deserve a mention?

Thanks all who commented, you were a great help :slight_smile:

Not when i decide to watch… Must of the time they dont know their hero or they are pubstompers (mean ppl laughing when killing a new player and calling them names)

Here i play with droolzilla a lot :slight_smile: he is rly good

I have literally had a Pendles lvl 3 cheese take doubles on Monuments and win them the game because it never said the sentry was being attacked.

Incredibly viable

Not so much. WF is more in

Hehe. He. He

How are you determining this? Just curious

Well that’s really the games fault not pendles, hell when I use oscar mike with orbital mike it sometimes wont warn the enemy of it

Is OM weaker than WF? I’ve played more and won more as OM, and beat various WF’s as OM. I’d like to give WF a proper shot but he just seems weaker than OM to me…

The ‘MVP’ status was that I had ‘green’ on all my stats, I died the least, had most kills, highest cs, more shards and higher score.

I like OM a LOT but WF does interest me - I was saving my 5th slot for Ghalt but if you can convince me on WF please do :slight_smile:

Thanks I’ll give him a try![quote=“hexhammer, post:37, topic:1552907, full:true”]
I have literally had a Pendles lvl 3 cheese take doubles on Monuments and win them the game because it never said the sentry was being attacked.

Yep, I really wanna try Pendles, he looks fun! I just hope I don’t fall too much in love with Phoebe or Deande during the grind for him