Help with class mod

I’m having a tough time deciding on which class mod to use for my cryo-sniper build. i’m torn between a purple Gentry(+5 in frostbite), a blue Ice Queen, and the celestial mod. My indecision comes from choosing between the mod with avalanche or one with frostbite. Any input is greatly appreciated.

You’ll probably appreciate Frostbite more in the long run!

Avalanche is active all the time, but it could be disastrous if you accidentally set an enemy (or multiple) on fire with custom loads. Frostbite only happens when you have your action skill up, but it would do wonders if your using a cryo sniper agenst a boss. So for mobbing or general playing, Avalanche, for bosses, frostbite. (keep both on you)

May I suggest the Chronicler of Elpis Mod, for the reasons stated here? As a contender for straight cryo damage, the Ice Queen is pretty good, but the freeze chance and shield capacity on the chronicler are more helpful imo.