Help with Connecting to Hosts--Please

I am having problems joining my friend in Borderlands. I can join him when he plays with other people, but we cannot join each other when we’re hosting. Please Help :sob:

hello gearbox, if i try to join somewone (friends or just a random guy) i will go into loading screen as always but this time i get back to the main menu like nothing hapend .
i had this isue before but it went away after 10 minutes but now i have this problem for almost a mounth.and me or my friend hosting does not make any difrence.
(my console is ps3)
i would like that i can join my friends back and have a great time in the nice game.

I’m just curious, is your game and dlc digital or is it a disc?

Someone else I know had a similar problem.

it is all digital

I think i fund the problem but i do not now how to fix it.

When on home screen and going to game information it says, version: 1.15
But wen in the game and looking for an online match it says, version: 1.10
Could this be the issue ?