Help with crawmerax

Need some help finishing the mission to get the achievements. If anybody would be willing to help me out they can have any loot that drops.

My steam id is: DntGrindMyGearz -

Out of curiosity, are you level 69 and have a decent:
1: Flat damage weapon(bonus points if it’s good with dealing crits)
2: A decent fire weapon
3: Same with corrosive
4: And shock, to finish it up.


If so, I’d be happy to help you get there, and if not maybe we can farm up some stuff for you and get you prepared.

I added you (username: ojjvz screenname: OttoNL)
I’m also trying to do Craw. And some other stuff, mainly Arena’s

What character are you playing with? With Lilith, you can use phasewalk to get out of tight situations. In terms of the minions, I’d kill anything that isn’t an armored crab worm. The other two move too quickly and distract from your ability to quickly kill Craw. My username is ducadae. Add me. I much prefer BL to BL2 and the PreSequel.