Help with Enforcer build

Ok Im level 59 and here is my current skill loadout:

Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

  • Personally I never found Hazmat CS to be very useful. If you want you can put one point in it that’s fine, but after that it’s sorta a waste for a couple reasons.
  • I go for Fortify instead. The health is nice and the 20% gun damage while Saint is up is nice too.
  • Emergency Response is really good and you should definitely take it.
  • Even though I usually run with it at 5 points, Divert Power really only needs 1 point to be useful because it has such a long cooldown.

So this is what I recommend after doing those 4 changes.,auto

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Thanks very much bud going to make those changes now!

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Where should i put points next? Max out afterburner and fire support or maybe points into rolling thunder? I know i want escalation!

It’s up to you. Personally I don’t use RT, but it is still a good skill. At this point it’s really just up to taste and what weapons you’re using. So after you pick up Escalation just put the points wherever you want. My friend @boombumr has a work-in-progress guide on Wilhelm’s skills if you’d like to base where your remaining points go on that.

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