Help with Fl4k - Fade away GITM or Rakk Attack?

I’ve been playing thru normal mode with Fl4k using Rakk attack and got up to level 26 then switched over to fade away with GITM augment .

I like the fun mechanic of the latter but even with skill extending action skill duration, 8 seconds every 30 seconds or so makes it hard to enjoy using the skill. What’s the lowest cooldown you are able to get Fade away down to? When I first respeced into it I had thr infamous 5 second cooldown glitch and man was using fade away then so much fun ! Now my cooldown is about 30 seconds (I have the guardian rank cooldown shield bonus unlocked )

Rakk attack is a blast too and seems really powerful in normal. I’m assuming it will suck in mayhem mode though

Rakks are good in m3, play what is fun to you. You can make about anything work

If u have the anointed, rakks proc 100% inc damage every time. I don’t like FA after the nerfs but its great.

Tbh fl4k meta isnt solid rn. Ppl are trying new things.

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I’m using rakk attack in mayhem mode now if you use it with the capstone in the green skill tree it’s really good as every time you use it you get a damage bonus and you can pretty much constantly throw them out I started with fade away and gitm but I’m having way more fun with rakk attack and I’m still melting bosses

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Fade away and GITM is a ton of fun but how much enjoyment can you get out of something that lasts 8 seconds and takes 40 more seconds to come back on ?

What’s the lowest cooldown you are able to get on it with shields NOT full? (Which is basically any pitched battle)

Not to shamelessly plug my video, but try to address this problem in my Megavore Build. The goal is to maximize damage outside of Fade Away as well, while constantly building towards it.

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I can recommend this one:

Neither GITM, nor Rakks, just base Fade Away. You can burn the cooldown within seconds by using Megavore and a weapon like the Night Hawkin or the Butcher.
With good gear you can solo M3 Slaughter Shaft with this build.

Quick question: does the Empathic Rage augment technically mean you’re under a “radiation status effect”? If that’s the case, then using an Elemental Projection relic would be amazing here. I ask this since you are surrounded by a radiation aura upon activation.