Help with Gaige?

New-ish to the game and recently got into uvhm(58 atm) and ,well, I felt like everything on Gaige was awesome in tvhm! But now in uvhm , everything on her feels so lackluster and mediocre compared to any other vault hunter , with her only saving grace being anarchy. And I don’t innately have a issue with anarchy , I just wanted to be able to utilize all the wonderful things in her kit without feeling like I’m shooting myself in the foot in the process of doing so.

I especially felt this when I was fighting through hammer locks big game hunt, I felt as if I literally could do nothing against the witch doctors(and badass variants) and everything was just kind of walking over me(and of course death trap was no help , ever since entering into uvhm he feels like a glorified floating target dummy on a 60 sec cd). It’s kind of depressing to think “man if I was any other vault hunter right now I wouldn’t be having this many problems!”, but that’s what I’m feeling about Gaige As of the moment; so I’m here to ask if I’m doing anything wrong.

Gear: A random on level e-tech shock and fire assault rifle , random purple fire smg, 54 DPUH, grog nozzle, level 50 magic missile , on level bee, purple wired zapper mod, and a exp relic.


In advance , yes I am slagging everything and matching elements , I am also making sure to keep my health above health gating range.

It’s not Gaige, it’s a combination of things I think:

  • Hammerlock’s DLC, the Witch Doctors and their homeboys in general, are meant to be more difficult than typical enemies.
  • UVHM hits most vault hunters like this… it’s a real gut check if you’re not prepared for it. I find that it will get easier over time as you get more skill points which equate to more damage/survival, which takes the edge off. If you haven’t already, there are some guides on the forum here that detail how to handle UVHM specifically. I can guarantee that Gaige can get through UVHM without Anarchy, but getting there through Hammerlock’s DLC may be rough.
  • That build should be fine… there may be some slight optimizations here or there, but I’d use that. When you get more points and can get Sharing is Caring, for example, that absolutely changes how Deathtrap handles UVHM. The experience relic should help with leveling up (and I hear that Hammerlock’s DLC is generous with the points), but good offensive/defensive relics can make a huge difference.

[quote=“aerostalgic, post:1, topic:1539237”]A random on level e-tech shock and fire assault rifle[/quote]How’s that working for you? Even if it’s made by Vladof, I don’t think that will be hitting as hard as you need for this particular venture. What are you using for a shock weapon besides that? Six of your points in the middle tree won’t fire if you’re not shocking enemies.

Look at some of the guides. Perhaps try something like this. Obviously, this is tailored to your level.

They’re working “ok”, as for other ways of applying shock I don’t have them. Before when I entered uvhm I had a fire hail and a chulainn, and things were smooth then , but both of those weapons started feeling outdated so I switched. I originally was only venturing through the dlc just to get a twister.
The Sir Hammerlock dlc is tough- I first tried it at about level 38 with Maya and got my butt handed to me- didn’t try it again until I hit level 72. If you want a Twister (one of the few items I’ve yet to get myself) good luck but IMO you could use the help of a capstone skill and a bit more damage dealing so I’d suggest the following changes: Close Enough is a great skill but with such a heavy investment in the LBT tree why not take it all the way to SiC (also since you want a Twister the heavier investment into the LBT tree seems worth it)? Also, Wires Don’t Talk was finally fixed to work properly and creates great synergy with Electrical Burn and Evil Enchantress. With the Grog Nozzle you can move the points from Interspersed Outburst into WDT to max it out. I also like self healing skills and usually use small mag weapons on Gaige like shotguns so I usually take Cooking Up Trouble over The Better Half- of course, if you plan to use mainly AR’s and SMG’s you can spec into that as well. Roid, nova and spike shields are great if you want DT to help out more than he does. At level 72 you might look like this:

Here’s my buck-fifty, assuming that you still want to go with primarily an Anarchy build:

  • I took out all the points from LBT and put them into BFF. Unless you have equipment specifically set for that tree, LBT won’t be as useful as BFF straight out of the box.
  • I took out points from The Better Half and into Cooking Up Trouble; if you are using Anarchy, mag size shouldn’t really be big, and The Better Half is most noticeable when you are using a weapon with a big mag size.
  • Cooking Up Trouble is your passive healing skill. It’s useful inbetween fights and helps offset the health costs from Blood Soaked shields.
  • Points into Unstoppable Force are to compliment Blood Soaked Shields. Yes, a kill will restore full shields, but the chaos of combat might still have you under fire, or a DoT could still be chipping at your protection. This kill skill adds a buffer so you don’t immediately lose your shields once you regain them. The movement speed buff is just gravy to help you haul ass, either toward cover, the next big baddie, or just to get out of Dodge.

I used a similar build when I was in the 50’s. Once you start getting more levels, you could then start respeccing into LBT when you have gear that synergizes with it.

One thing I find extremely useful is - once you get to 100 Stacks of Anarchy - to use a Slag Singularity grenade or a Quasar. Singularities compliment the Nth-Degree-skill and Gaiges up-close-and-personal-playstyle as well as Deathtraps dps. You could get some use out of more distraction by DT, so a cooldown relic or Bone of the Ancients (once you can get one) could help you as well.
Alternatively and at high Anarchy much more reliable than Slagging with a weapon is the useage of a Slag bettie-grenade, so the crowd-control of the singularity grenades could be contra-productive to your gameplay, but that’s a thing of playstyle and personal preference.

One problem is though, that the hammerlock-dlc is the hardest of the main-dlcs for elemental characters. Me and my Siren had a hard time there, too. So, maybe you should gear up and level-up in the main game or another dlc, first.

I would leave aside Nth Degree as your guns have no unlisted pelletes to take thr most of it.
Also, your Zapper COM screams for a tesla Grenade and some points into Electrical Burn and Evil Enchantress. Most of Hammerlock Big Game Hunt is made of flesh enemies and EB tear through them once they are slagged.
This way, you only need to get to Upshot Robot in the first tree and Robot Rampage in the last one. Try to use the remaining points to get Make it Sparkle - you already have to go down the middle tree to take the most out of your COM, so giving DT some damage wont hurt. Yeah, it ia going to hurt everything in the area but you.

That being said, you can still use your e-tech AR if it is Vladof and the DPUH is going to wreck what EB doesnt hurt. Just get a gun to slag with so you free your slot grenade for the Tesla.