Help with gear plz

Looking for three items to help my farming, very slow kill rate right now.

Need a CC electric, norfleet electric and infinity pistol electric, but will take any element of these three. I am Lv 68, will take 68 to 72 on these, I have Lv 50ish now, but game progress has made them useless.

Who can help? Have a bank full of trade stuff

Xbox one ID


This just in, I have a digital copy of boderlands 2 plus all dlc’s from 360 on xbox one, having issues if you have handsome jack collection.

If you aren’t using handsome jack, could use your help.

OK, I just purchased the HTC to make life easier. Plus better graphics, frame rates.

I am still in need of some help gang. Any takers?

Welcome to The Handsome Collection.

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