Help with grinder moonstone recipes

hi this is my first post sorry if it is in the wrong section. Today I started fiddling with the grinder and ended up crafting 3 purple class mods and it gave me the option for the first time to use moonstones which got me the celestial legendary class mod. are there other recipes like this that get me orange items? thanks

Got you moved to the TPS section. :smile_cat:

Sorry, no. The ONLY purple items you can moonstone grind are class mods. (That’s since a spring patch and the drop-rate tweaks - there was a brief period when you could moonstone grind various purples, but there was also a good chance of a hard crash on 360.)

There is a grinder recipes thread, along with a survey of success rates with non-moonstone grinds, which you can find here:

thanks. ive been grinding the level 30 boss in serenity waste volcano to get lots of purples and grinding them out to see what I can get. no luck yet. sounds like they killed the grinder off eith this patch.

If you put a Legendary Weapon in the first two slots and a purple weapon in the third slot, you will get a legendary weapon type from the the weapon you put in the third slot.

For example, slot 1 and slot 2 have a legendary Maggie pistol, slot 3 is a purple sniper, your grind will be a legendary Sniper!

You have to use a moonstone to guarantee this legendary. You can put three legendary’s in the slots and always get a legendary weapon but the weapon type will be random.