Help With Guns Love Tentacles

Corrosive damage isn’t registering in the mission The Party out of space and so although it tells me to turn on the generator the stuff won’t disappear after I shoot the bullseyes. Please help. I got this game to bond with my father who I can’t see due to COVID and this really sucks.

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Did you shoot the pipes? Just like in marcus store when it is on fire.

Ot maybe you shooting the target with a kaosan, the bombs will trigger the lever back to its original position (like i did, lol)


Look at the segment of wire. If it does not have electricity flowing through it, you need to flip the marker. It is easy with certain weapons to trip the marker, but have it trip back again. Guns with stickies are notorious for this.

Basically you go to the back area, clear the enemies, shoot the valves which dump the corrosion. I think there are three. One of them clears the generator control, which you then turn on.

On the way back, look to your right and you will see the cable that gets the power to the Gondola. If it is flickering blue, you are good. If not, you need to flip the switch. Just make sure it does not flip back on you. I believe there are three of these along the way.

Hope this helps.