Help with Heliophage

I really want to unlock Kleese and Deande but I can’t seem to get a silver medal in normal Heliophage with pug groups, best score I got was like 54,994 and it was a bloody Bronze. As for Advanced Heliophage I can survive playing as Miko or Alani but my issue is I can’t get the first part done fast enough to make it to Rendain because of their low damage. I play a fairly effective Alani, Thorn, and Toby. I can also use Oscar Mike, Ambra, Miko and Orendi fairly well. I also can use Reyna but I don’t enjoy using her :frowning:

I play on PC and my Steam is Moonshade, add me if you’d be down to try and help me out :slight_smile:

I just did a search and there are 87 people who go by “Moonshade”. Can you provide a link to your profile?

Whoops my bad, didn’t realize Steam allowed un-unique Profile names :flushed:

Sent you a request. Let me know when you want to try it on normal.