Help with hyperious

So after countless tries at hyperious the invincible and counless fails i wanted to finally ask how to kill him. Most of the time im solo Axton (OP4, hopefully higher) and i have a friend with Zer0. How do we get about killing him? Usually I try killing his bots first because its hard to foght him otherwise, but if i do he rampages. When he does i an easily deal with staying alive because of my Grog nozzle and magic missiles, but after a while I start running low on ammo, and I barely nudge him. Any advice from the veterans?

I’ve only done it in NVHM, but the thing about that fight is this: After you kill his minions, it’s basically a DPS race. His novas will gradually do more and more damage each time. So you need to put the hurt on him (that said, unfortunately can be hard to keep a Bee up, though w/ Willing and possibly Pressure, it should be possible to keep it up most of the time). If you are doing damage quickly enough to him, you can actually stagger him.

Turrets with phalanx shield will block the novas. Make sure to have it speced for the fight.



These two methods will do the trick. If you prefer to do it in a more traditional way, the best method is to get all four minions into repair mode at the same time. This will drop the shield around Hyperius, and he can be damaged. A good launcher can be used to do this. Just pull the minions together with singularity grenades, first so you hit them all in one shot. A DPUH can be used instead of a launcher.

Then it’s just a matter of timing your healing when he releases his novas, and getting that damage in. Once his health reaches ~30 %, he’ll go into rage mode even if the bots are still alive, so use the turret and deception to draw the aggro from him.

The method you listed is how I do it unless I’m chucking with Axton, even then I find it fun to do it the way you listed with Axton.

First of all, I accidentally restarted the playthrough. I screwed up, so sadly i cannot update you on my success for a while. Secondly, thank you to all for nice suggestions, this forum is the bee’s knees for newbies


On the bright side… More Borderlands for you! Ain’t life sweet!:yum: