Help with leveling please

Need some fellow Borderland-ians to power level me as far as you can. OP8 would be amazing but I’ll take what I can get, and help others as well.

Gt is Crackin Yo Nuts

What ever happened to … earning your rank …?

if you don’t have anything to add, then don’t. There is nothing wrong with asking for help.

Ill help u bud

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Can you do op levelling for me as well?

Whats your gamertag hoss? I have a lvl 52 psycho and im down to game

Can you still help?

I earned my rank on 360. Then thanks to a hacker, I lost my account along with a72 op8 hunter with the best gear possible. I’m just trying to get back up there to help others.

Can some one help me to gamer tag is the same as username just message me

What’s your level? I’m only 39

Haha I’m only 15

You should try the ps4 section for better luck

Thank you. Did not realize I was on X1 there.