Help with Maggie and Slagga?

My Axton is a level 22 or 23, was wondering if anyone had a Maggie (preferably a Two Fer Maggie) and a Slagga they could help me out with. I’d be much appreciative and willing to trade for it, though I warn you I don’t really have any special gear. I have a bunch of money though if you need some cash in exchange for the guns. Thanks guys. Also, anyone looking to play sometime feel free to add me, especially to farm varkids for chubbies or Vermi and farming GODliaths.

hit me up at DoctorPlatypus90

p.s. If anyone has a Striker, I’m interested in one of those as well.

Hey there - Happy to help you with anything BL2 related on the ps4 but the issue is at level 22 or 23 Id assume you’re playing on normal mode - a mode where vermi cant even be farmed and where the drop rate of legendaries is extremely low :slight_smile: I suggest at the very least getting to tvhm ( the mode after finishing normal ) to start farming . Best being UVHM ( ultimate ) .

Either Way - for any raid , boss , mission or gear help ( no boosting ) - PSN: Hammerlift

ah! wasn’t aware that Vermi wasn’t farmable yet. that explains a lot, thanks. I’ll add you, too.

Originally varkids had a chance to level up depending on how many in the party and what mode you were playing in. They did overhaul the system so unless anyone has the new ‘chance’ rate and in what modes it’s hard to say whether he can now appear in Normal or not? But nonetheless, you can get him in TVHM which is how i used to farm him for skins and heads. Always best with more people in the group though. Best to wait until you hit 50 for a go, and then 72.

The system was overhauled because of a glitch people used to change solo play into 4 player mode, making it easier to level them up. Can’t do that now, but they reckon it’s more possible to have them level up solo. From my experience this isn’t great, but yes it is possible.

I remember that glitch from the good ol’ PS3 days. I also remember how many people were using the Smasher glitch and the invincible trick with Maya to blow through raid bosses, it was ridiculous

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