Help with major bug!

Please help! I’m unable to progress after Maya death scene cutscene after the latest patch. Every time her dying animation comes up, my PS4 pro goes crazy and after overheating it shuts down.
Now everytime I continue the game, my game forces me to watch the cutscene and It shuts down as soon as her death animation comes up.
I’ve tried everything with minimizing the game to going offline… But nothing works. The game along with my ps4, always crashes in this particular scene.

Please allow me to skip this particular cutscene so I can continue on with game and enjoy it.

It’s unlikely they can do that (for you). I would suggest reinstalling the game.


If you haven’t tried, go online and join another person as host to play through that part of the story. It would mean finding someone who can help you at that point.

The reason I suggest it, is the different circumstance may get around whatever bug you’ve hit.

Good luck.

Same exact thing happening to me. Please fix.

I have the same problem. Online, Offline, solo, with a friend, with strangers. Please fix it asap :slight_smile:

Yep same here! It happened on my digital copy so i deleted that and reinstalled the game with a hard copy. That way i got past the scene. My ps4 still made a lot of noise during the scene though.

I had the same thing on xbox i sended it back to fix it . Now ot works