Help with making a Carrier Build?

Hey was just wondering if any anyone could help me make/refine a carrier build for moze. I’m thinking of using a Carrier with 125 n2m fire, 50%ASE Shield and grenade (radiation & ice or maybe shock?) with a Green monster on +5 scorching rpms. I think the skill tree is mostly gonna be green tree but after that, I’m not so sure.

Could anyone help me out with this build?

In early April, this build would be a monster. When Mayhem 2.0 couldn’t completely kill the Carrier, the removal of the extra projectiles did.

It got a seemingly nice buff, and can make quick work of single enemies now on a strong build. But I’m not sure if it’s worthy of being the center piece of a M10 build now.

There is no reason to use the Green Monster with a non-splash weapon as the bonus corrosive damage along is not really worth the effort. I’d go with a Bloodletter or Rocketeer, depending on whether you want to go with a 1HP build and use the uRad anoint or the 130% incendiary while AB is active anoint.

The Carrier’s damage is still too low to perform well in True Takedowns at M10, but it is fine for normal M10 content. The one thing that it does have going for it is that each Carrier bullet hits twice and hit each has a chance to proc Short Fuse/Fire in the Skag Den, which both benefit from damage scaling at M10.

If you go with the Bloodletter, use a build like this. For the Rocketeer, I’d suggest something like this. Equip IB with rails in both cases.

For the grenade anoint, I think you will get more out of the 25% bonus damage on grenade throw, as this will be active more often than the bonus damage on ASE. For the shield anoint, I’d almost recommend the Iron Bear cooldown anoint over the bonus damage on ASE anoint, but you mileage may vary.

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Oh wait they removed the extra projectiles stuff? That was the whole point of this build oof. (also cuz big fan of starcraft)


Oh damn thats sick, I’ll be sure to try it out once I get the chance. Thanks mate

I’m afraid so friend, it pains me greatly that it’s not the weapon it once was.

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Was fortunate to have fun with Carrier way back before the first DLC. Was almost as good as my min max on the highest mayhem of the time

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After giving up on the Carrier I’ve had success using Multi Tap pistol with a Bottomless green monster build. No splash but a GM with Atlas fire rate and few points in Scorching combined with Pearl provides very fast sustainable firing and solid dps. Some for the Road, blast the place with 30 tracking grenades and then just hold the trigger while everything melts.