Help with marquis lore challengr

i have all the others done besides having 4/5 on playing with phobe. if someone could play phobe well im marquis id appreciate it but please know how to play her so you dont put the team down

You may want to post your system so this can be moved to the proper matchmaking forum.

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What platorm are you on @alchemyforever ?
As @Gulfwulf said, its easier to team up for these challenges if you use the platform related matchmaking/Coop-subforums. Just say if you´re on PC, XB1 or PS4 and I move your topic along.

If you´re on XB1 I can help you, but I play mostly PvE. Mastered Phoebe a few weeks ago, but I´m not sure if I´d jump into PvP with her yet.

With a little snooping, I see you’ve posted in X1 categories before, so based on that, I will assume you play on that one.

Moved you to X1 co op play in the mean time.

If by chance I am wrong and you play on a whole different platform now, just say so and ill correct it.

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got the challenge done by luck just now lol