Help with Mules

I understand what a mule is and the benefits of having them. I am curious if there is an easier way to transfer items to a mule besides the stash. I have tried using a second controller but it won’t let me use characters attached to my GT. If I sign in as a guest it won’t save the character.

I created a second account on 360 for mule characters. I’m assuming you can do the same thing on XB1. You could even make the mule account a “family member” so that you can bring the mule into on-line matches too. (My 360 mule characters have to be local co-op only because I’m not paying for a second subscription; the family gold membership thing on XB1 is a real plus!)

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Thanks, I will give that a go

this or if you have a friend that plays, that you trust have them open a game up and just join their game, drop the items on the ground that you want to put in your mules, save and quit, bring your mules in and pick it up. Repeat as needed

@leonerog I see this posted in Xbox 1 section if that’s what your on just send a message on Xbox Live (GT =Name) and I would be glad to help do that if a time could be arranged