Help with my Zane

I’m new to this whole thing but figured I’d give it a chance. I really need an action skill damage boosting see in’ dead com preferably level 60 but honestly I’ll take what I can get. I need a boosted damage on grenade throw anoint it’s piss grenade mod also preferably level 60 but not entirely necessary. Then, I’d love a snowdrift Otto idol but will take any epic or legendary snowdrift preferably slide speed +80% or better. Lastly, I need a good Cryo redistributer. I just got my Zane to level 60 a couple days ago after abandoning him for months but despite being the last of my level 60 VH’s, he’s quickly becoming my favorite. I’ve been farming for a god roll seein’ dead & cutsman for the past 4 days now and haven’t had ANY luck. I’m going to continue but would appreciate any outside help. Thanks

Shame you are on ps4 … if you were on pc, I would load you up with good Zane gear.

Add me : paco97214. I have all you need for your zane.

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Adding now, I appreciate it man

Yeah, might make the switch before next gen consoles.

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Check your in game mails