Help with new Krieg

Anyone able to give me a basic lowdown on what skills I should work on as I level my new Krieg? I was thinking of going down the middle tree until capstone and then move to left tree down to bloodsplosion but I am open to whatever works. I will be starting him at lvl 30 and will have very little gear for him. This will be on the Xbox also.

I have been reading all day on Krieg and tips and such, but I am not sure what applies to community patch and what is for vanilla. I don’t use the community patch so any tips will need to be for vanilla please.

Any gear to go after as I lvl? Any quests I should always do for any reason? Any good places to farm for xp that suits Krieg play style?

I have played Maya and Axton a ton but always on my PC. I want to get a Krieg to lvl 80 to start playing with my daughter when she moves to Minnesota.

Anything would be great =)

Remember this is a new xbox account so I have ZERO gear.


That’s probably the most effective way to level him, and imo the most fun. :smile:

You definitely want to get Release the Beast as soon as you can, and don’t be afraid to spec in Silence the Voices. Speccing into Fuel the Rampage for extra cooldown is recommended but as soon as you get Release the Beast spec out of it, it becomes literally useless.
Here’s how your skills should evolve :

In terms of gear for early game and TVHM, all you want is a good Adaptive shield and a good Sickle COM that boosts Silence the Voices for maximum damage. IN UVHM you’ll definitely want to stack as much health as possible, so you want a good Vitality Relic and a Rough Rider. Also make sure to get a Legendary Sickle COM for maximum damage potential.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask ! :slight_smile:


Adaptive shields aren’t hard to get, sickle comes though, I rarely see them but will be looking. That is the one I was thinking of going with for the melee boost.

Rough Rider is easy enough to farm and that was my main shield I was going to go after, but getting the leg sickle, that I have never had drop even on the PC, I am not holding out much hope I will see one on xbox lol.


You can still stick to a Scream Sickle, purple or blue. As long as it boosts Silence the Voices and Fuel the Blood you should be fine with it.


How tough is it to get Bloodsplosion to activate? I have never played a Krieg to any real degree so I need to learn how to use it.

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Really not that hard, all you want is to get your enemies bunched up (and slagged if you can, Slag Bouncing Betties are great for that), kill one with melee, and everyone else should easily bloodsplode into nothingness.
Bloodsplosion’s damage equation is pretty broken, because it counts as grenade damage. So Fuel the Blood effectively triples Bloodsplosion damage, and the more damage you get the more overkill damage you get, which means Bloodsplosions that hit harder etc …

It can escalate to absolute madness. I’m talking “one-shotting Raid Bosses” madness. :laughing:

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At any time should I spec out of melee tree and focus on bloodsplosion and hell tree?

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If you don’t like the whole Melee playstyle, then yeah you can definitely go with a Gun Krieg, or even Explosive Krieg if you like playing with Bloodsplosion.

I would go with something like this :

Gear would be the good old Rough Rider again, this time you want a Flesh Crunch COM and an Explosive Fastball, this combo is absolutely insane. Pair all that with good explosive weapons (Unkempt Harold, Baby Maker, Badaboom, Unicornsplosion, Ogre, Carnage etc …), an Explosive Relic and a Grog Nozzle for that Slag and healing, and you’re an insanely powerful fiend on the battlefield blowing up everything.
If you don’t like the Fastball you can switch it up for a low-level Pandemic, just to stack Elemental Elation and Bloodlust then rampage with your weapons.

And just so you know : this build won me OP8 the first time. Insanely good.

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Any good spots to grind xp with mobs in TVHM or UVHM if I need to do some lvling?

I would farm Saturn with Maya but I doubt Krieg kills him as easy…

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As much as I like StV, you really don’t need it until the later UVHM levels; I was able to get up to OP 5ish (this was before the Lilith DLC) using a Leg. Reaper com before I specced into StV. For NVHM, I’d just look for a good Beef Slab com or a Diesel/Rage Sickle one; a Diesel or Blood Blister is also an option. For skills, I’d probably go with something like this instead starting out because Light the Fuse is a fun skill that should be enjoyed while it’s still viable. :wink:


were you playing melee Krieg though? If so, I"m impressed you made it to OP 5 without StV. I found that in co-op around L60 I wasn’t doing enough melee damage without StV and it was about L65-70 solo where the drop-off was noticeable. I loathe StV as a skill, as it doesn’t scale to OP levels, thus limiting your gear and build choices (you need to take it to play melee Krieg and you need gear to mitigate the self damage).

However, early in the game, enjoy the freedom of playing Krieg without that stupid, disorienting, self damage.

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Yes I was, I was also playing with 2 others playing Maya and Gaige. I haven’t played him solo so your mileage may vary.

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like I said, I really tried to make it work (on console, think you play on PC, not that it should make a huge diff) solo without StV because I hate the skill so much…about the mid 60’s though I wasn’t doing enough damage on bigger targets and when I was playing co-op with some friends (think we had two Mayas and an Axton) I could only kill phaselocked bigger targets really at about L60 onwards…