Help with OP leveling

I recently hit level 72 and geared up my melee zero. I completed OP1 quite easily but I’ve really struggled on OP2 and would appreciate any help on OP levels. Hopefully i can get to OP8 in the next month :slight_smile: GT is the same, Thanks!

ix d lud xi … message me on xbl

I’ll help you get to OP8 if you still need it, send me a message: JayQC80. Let me know what time is best for you, and we’ll go from there.

Im at op5 id like help also if ya could UK EQUALS TRASH

I can help as well, I have an op8 zerker commando and siren. However, I really need help with my hellborn. I’m stuck on op4 for some time now so if I could get a hand as well that would be awesome.

Sorry my GT is Assshatt

Is anyone still not OP8 that is willing to help each other out? Currently stuck in op4 as gunzerker. GT: KimchiMaker

Message me on xbox and I’ll run it with you