Help with OP levels, stuck at op7

Currently stuck at op1 and would like for someone to help carry me trough it. Thanks


I can help with this if u get stuck im gna b runin a new char thru op levels like soon with couple me mates could probs fit u into the line up lol

Sure around what time? I’m not much help lol

Message me on xbox gt gra5er1 i mite get chance 2 do it tomoro nite i dmt no yet depends how fast i get the othwr stuff done

Still looking :]

U need 2 message me online and keep an eye out to see if im on

Ok thank you

Look forward 2 hearing from u

Need help with op lvls im op1

As i say message me on xbox live

Was able to get to op6 last night only need 2 more. Will you be available today?

Its depends how long it takes 2 get thru true mode if i get online 2nite but shud b on tomoro for sure like

Still in need of help