Help with OP6 Peak, Dukino's Mom

I’ve been stuck at OP6 for awhile, but going to take another crack at getting to 7, and maybe 8.

The main problem is the electrical balls at Dukino’s Mom. I’ve gotten past her once using the Bee, but felt it was mostly luck that she got stuck in the walking behavior for an extended time, and when she fired the orbs, I was in the right position so they hit the center rock. (And sadly, I died right before OMGWTH from multiple Rabid Skags and stuff).

Before I try again, I’d like to have a more confident plan to succeed. I’m considering some of the following, and would like advice. Here’s my current build: (I play solo only)

1.Maybe spec into Fleet, so I can outrun a second ball into cover if the first one hits.

  1. Wondering if there’s any way to tank the damage (heal up to healthgate before the next one hits, and/or gear to reduce the damage). Would a Transformer work?

  2. Wondering if the animation shows a tell before she launches the orbs, so I can be prepared behind the rock.

  3. Maybe I need some different gear. Either for survival, or better damage.

I typically run with a Blockade shield, but have a Bee and some others.
I was trying to use a corrosive Hail, Swordsplosion, and DPUH so far.
Maybe corrosive Pimpernel would work, but I don’t have one right now.
Don’t have corrosive Sandhawk either, and would ideally like to get past without Beehawk anyway.

Man that is exactly what stumped me for the longest time. I eventually caved to BeeHawk until I got the rhythm of it. I think the Hail is great gun for it. My method for survival was throwing Pandemic grenades periodically, volley of shots, then switch to Grog/Ruby (obv Grog preferred) while running around the rock. I like the Pandemic because it’s homing and has a long DoT duration. Use a Bee though - those shock balls will down you regardless of shield.

Another trick is to enter the arena from the far left side instead of by the ammo vendor.

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I’ve done it without the Bee but it wasn’t easy (Omen and a Hail mostly I think). She will eventually go down to anything, it just takes a while, but the problem is surviving those shock orbs. I can do it fairly easily with a Grog and Chain Lightning - if anyone’s done it without Moxxi I’d love to know the strategy! I remember a buddy throwing lots of transfusion grenades but that seems pretty risky.


That’s a fair point. If I’m not getting better survivability with a different shield, then I’m only prolonging the fight. I often use the Bee at range, but love the Blockade when things get tougher. (2x Scorch is almost trivial with it).

If healing is feasible, it’s still going to work with the Bee anyway.

So I guess it comes down to whether the Rubi heals fast enough. (I missed the event to get the Grog, though I suppose I could keep the mission one open). I think I have a Pandemic in storage – I’ve been using a Bouncing Bonny, which also seems to have a long DoT with the child grenades. But this case really needs a quick boost before the next ball hits, and the AoE might be better there.

Tried many times to get a Chain Lightning, and it won’t drop for me. But I’ll keep it in mind.

The other option of course is avoiding getting hit in the first place. Part of why I chose the Hail is that it seemed like I could stay in better cover and shoot around the rock. Maybe with more practice, I could perfect that. (Wish I could spend some extended practice time here, rather than play through from the beginning every time).

Amen. Sure would be nice to have a training mode. Just wait til OP7 Assassins : you get all 4 at the same time.
You’re right about the Rubi. I redid Tina’s campaign to get the Grog and that made a huge difference. People have recommended the Fastball…but that requires aiming…

Edit : you didn’t mention COMs but a L Binder would boost Reaper and therefore DPS over a L Siren for the first half.

A Rubi will heal fast enough.

Here are some specific tips:
Rubi or Grog for heals, with a Storm Front. Not a Chain Lightning. SF will give you constant heals for the duration. When she gets dangerous, deliver the SF and swap to you Rubi or Grog, and spam it at her to refresh Cloudkill. You can also use PL for burst heal, of course.

That is the safest way I’ve found to do it.

This shows up around 10:15 in this video:


Thanks for the video, although she didn’t even launch the electric orbs in that one.

Thanks guys for the tips, and I finally made it to OP7. :slight_smile: Had to get past her 3 more times (due to dying later on), and I think it only took 4 runs to do that. So needless to say, I improved quite a bit on Dukino’s Mom.

The big changes I made were:

  • Using a Grounded Bee shield
  • Using L Binder for the first half
  • Focus on defensive rock position, and do damage when I can

The first two shorten the fight, which reduces the chances of dying from stupid mistakes or bad luck. As correctly pointed out by Jefe, the orbs will heathgate you anyway, and the Grounded Bee may even improve survival odds due to not having to worry about DoT.

The most important change though was just minimizing positional exposure so I don’t get hit by the orbs in the first place. That meant turning around and running on the “long sides”, or basically any time I didn’t think I could obtain near-instant cover. Also finally noticed the easy visual cue that the ground stops shaking shortly before going into the attacks like the orbs, so I was pretty successful at avoiding them. 2 runs in a row, I didn’t get hit at all.

In the third and ultimately completed run, it seemed like I got hit twice in a row by the orbs, while having only the Hail wielded. Doesn’t seem feasible, so I suspect the second hit wasn’t a direct one. Then got downed by another volley later on, and got the kill in the last tick of FFYL. So while not my best effort at DM, it was the most exciting, and I think it gave me a boost of determination in that second-to-last area where I tended to get swarmed and killed. Going to take a break and get some OP7 gear before I try the next one.

Thanks again.


True, no orbs in the video I shared. The Grog + Cloudkill + Storm Front let you heal through a few, thankfully. With the Rubi, you have to be quick on your feet to get clear while the heals come in.

If you get the distance right, you can kite her perfectly so she doesn’t launch them at all. Fist master’s video in the Maya tactics thread shows it perfectly.

Can I ask why this is? How does entering the arena from the far left side help?

you are much further away from Dukino’s mom when she spawns. Also, you are near the rocks, so you have immediate cover to hide behind.


i don’t use Moxxi with Maya. I Beehawked my way to victory. keeping a strategic position by kiting D’mom around that center rock. RNG plays a factor, but this is how I did it.

You can also use the midgets that spawn to Phaselock, then turn your firepower towards D’mom. Wreck can be very useful in this scenario.

It has to do with how quickly D’mom spawns. As soon as you hit the map floor She’s spawning, so falling down over the ledge/rocks and coming down to the map floor as far to the left as possible puts you in an immediate defensive position as you can easily use the center rock as cover right off the bat. :wink:

edit: credit to @Jefe for that move. He taught me that trick when co-oping thru the peak with him.


Oo, someone used Res on this thread!

I have since done it without Moxxi in a no red text run, but that was with a coop partner. Oddly enough I think OP7/8 is easier than 6 with Dukino’s Mom cause you get the midgets to get a revive off.


love borderlands humor. lmao :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::rofl:


It’s all right until it seeps into everyday life :laughing:


We’re at OP6, D Mom is alone after you kill a few skags, we’re trying to figure out how to survive her shock balls. Thank you for the advice and help!


I feel ya.


If you get the pacing right you can lead her around the rock and she’ll never attack you. I did it with a corrosive Infinity +Bee- a corrosive plasma castor may have been involved as well…


OP7 is the hardest due to bad spawns everywhere.

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