Help with overpower

How do I go from op8 to op9/op10 when the game tells me I’m maxed out at op8. I’m level 80/op8 with my siren.

You have to set your character op level to op 8 at the main menu and complete op8 to unlock op9. Same with op9 to op10.

Hi, Even Though at the launch screen it said Max level 8 it will go higher.

Okay there you go. I have several op8 characters only 2 op10. If you need help with op levels you can ask other people in this forum to help you.

Thank you

@Nmtb77 I would help you as well but I’m at work. If you’re patient and willing to help out. This will take a lot of time and effort.

Thank you for your offer but I was able to level up last night with some random players joining my game.

@Nmtb77 Congrats and good luck in your future with the borderlands series.