Help with Phaseslam build please

I usually play Amara with TTB but having found some 300% damage after phaseslam weapons I thought I may try a build using this skill.

I would like any suggestions on improving the build. I am aware of which are the meta weapons so that side of things is just a farm away :slight_smile:

I was disappointed to find that my Hot Drop artifact didn’t stack with the phaseslam skill, so I swapped to a banjo after a few minutes. However, is there a more suitable artifact for this playstyle?

Currently using a Phazezerker com, but would like to know if any other (non-driver) coms are good for this build.

Question: Do the melee buff skills also buff phaseslam damage or would I be better putting the points from Find your centre and Illuminated Fist elsewhere?

@studdugie you have come through for me in the past with my Zane (up and running like a god now), so perhaps you could offer any advice?

Video showing first attempt play, gear and build below:

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Thanks for the shout out but I don’t yet have the level of expertise with Amara that I do with Zane but I know someone who does and this build video comes closest to what I see in your video. I hope this helps.


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If you are slamming, you might be thinking thinking about a melee build; if so This page may be helpful, it explains the mechanics of the Face-Puncher.

I’ll also give a plug for the Breaker COM, the damage reduction it provides is significant and it provides skill buffs that complement a close-range, in-your-face playstyle.

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Here is my second attempt at a build. I am wanting to get action skill back quickly so am trying a rule com.

I am still trying to work out whether Phaseslam gets melee bonuses

I like your build - I’ve mostly ignored the Rule but maybe I should give it another look.

I’m pretty sure phaseslam doesn’t receive melee bonuses; I played quite a bit of melee Amara right after M4 came out and wasn’t noticing a difference between slam damage when my shield (Brawler Ward) was broken and when it was active. I don’t think this mechanic has been changed in any of the more recent hot fixes/patches.

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It doesn’t, Phaseslam doesn’t count as melee. However it counts as splash damage, so it can be increased by Arm(s) Deal, by splash/area-of-effect bonuses on class mods/artifacts etc., and notably the +125% splash damage after action skill end anointment on guns. But there’s no way to get many hundreds of extra % like you can with melee.

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That is very useful information. So it seems I have 2 main choices for weapon anointments with this build: 300% damage after phaseslam and 125% splash damage after ase.

The 300% would only apply to my held weapon whilst the 125% splash would apply both to my held weapon and any damage from phaseslam. I’m assuming it would also apply to regular jumpslam damage, boosted by, say, a hot drop?

Yes, normal slam is also splash damage.

The thing with Phaseslam damage is that it’s so little that it’s not really worth bothering with in M4. Phaseslam is mostly used for triggering anointments, and also for debuffing enemies with Laid Bare or triggering augments, notably Stillness of Mind, but I saw in your second video you’re already doing that.

It’s just that with your gun you do far, far more damage than with Phaseslam, so I’d concentrate on the gun and forget about Phaseslam damage. +300% is the best anointment you can have, 125% Splash doesn’t come close. That’d be a huge tradeoff for still not getting much damage with the action skill.

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I did some testing at the dummy. With the 125% splash anointemnt it pushed phaseslam damage from around 17K to over 20K, but not that great an increase (that I could see). The regular slam damage was under 5K, even boosted.

I am currently running a full 300% damage after phaseslam and attempting the takedown on solo m4 :smiley:

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I did a little phaserker com build around this:

grenade and stop gap with 50 ele anoint in rad and cryo
it s a multielement gun : base shock , fire or corr infusion, rad and cryo anoint

it gives a vibe like old school Doom running and shooting each enemy one time but you have to be extra careful with the reload

Did true takedown only with it, needed some get used to as this requires precision. Only part a bit tedious is Wotan double shielding but I think I could have handled it better.Final forrm of Wotan really easy to destroy on the other hand

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Why no Indiscriminate?

I stay away from the multiple projectile ricochet stuff as much as I can, I prefer good ol aim and shoot. But it will certainly work if you feel so inclined each pellet can do tremendous damage so…

I know that’s why I don’t see why you aren’t using it. A single pellet from the Anarchy could kill other mobs when at max stacks.

Deliberate choice on my part, it still glitches and generates as many projectiles as you have of elemental anoint no? Or did they fix it?

I will say that a white elephant relic combined with an anointed facepuncher (300 weapon damage after slam), anointed brawlerward (200 melee damage after slam), and a breaker mod with a point into find your center (doubles the skill) is a beautiful thing. If you slam with a broken shield and land facepuncher shots into critical points, the bombs from the relic do massive damage. And if you get a knife drain white elephant then your basically almost invisible unless you run out of facepuncher ammo. Lol. Thats why I prefer the deep dive facepuncher instead of the redundant one. Less ammo with each shot. You also want to stay away from any perks that involve making your shield recharged delay better with a build like this.

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