Help with Phoenix Challenge?

Hey there, working on the Challenger achievement but not quite sure how to make it happen. Ideas?

Nisha - Level 70

Not entirely sure what you mean? Second wind challenges you should just get during regular game play over time if you use all the elements. There’s a note here that the second wind challenges unlock once you’ve completed one of the other related challenges to tier 5 (like the shotgun and rocket launcher ones), but the game logs your progress on hidden challenges so, once you meet that requirement and they unlock, you should be well past tier 1 already.

I guess I haven’t been using alot of fire weapons because I haven’t. achieved this challenge yet. it’s unlocked just not completed

Fire weapons, grenades, barrels, novas…

Best area is probably Helios, and the Hub of Heroism in particular - atmosphere, so fire DoTs actually last!

Thanks, I’ll give that a try. It’s the last challenge I need for the Challenger Achievement.

Got it! Thanks! Now any tips on the Collateral Damage achievement? ?

I think @impala’s guide should cover it:

Hi there,

I only started playing this game recently & I have worked out a good way to farm this challenge.

Gear used :

  • weapon : ZX-1 laser
  • OZ kit : Oxidizer

Location : bottom floor of “The Grabba” building in Triton Flats.

Method :

  1. let enemies put you into FFYL
  2. shoot them until they are down to a very low health level
  3. let the burning effect finish them off
  4. quit & repeat

Notes :

  • watch out for Magma Rivers. You may need to kill him outright while you are still alive as he is difficult to kill using this method.
  • I did this challenge in TVHM.

Hope this helps & good luck!

PS. I will be looking for similar methods to complete these challenges :

  • Soup’s Up
  • Had a Bit of a Shocker

Any recommendations are appreciated.

You may want to check out the prestige guide:

There’s lots of advice on completing the challenges following the gear descriptions. I’d also suggest posting any further strategies into that thread so that they’re not scattered all over the discussion section.

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