Help with playing Galilea

Hey guys, I am looking for some advice on how to play Galilea. I’ve had some success with her, and I think I’ve gotten her helix build figured out, but I want some tips and tricks on how to actually play her in both Incursion and Meltdown. I am not great at this game by any stretch of the imagination, but I have had a few decent games as Gali and I am trying to improve so I can actually pull my weight when playing with my buddies (weird case of doing much better playing with randoms than when i play with friends). I guess the main thing I’m looking for is how to improve my survivability by taking a look at when to jump into a fight, how to jump into the fight, and then how to actually fight. Any tips on how to get away if/when it goes south would be appreciated too. Thanks!

Best advice: Play how you want. Ive noticed that with this game, there doesn’t seem to be a “right way” being that so many people play the game differently. Some items make more sense for you to use on your guys versus what others use. I think you will have success with any player when you get the skills right.

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I kind of agree with @Masterblizak, but I will throw out what I do anyhow.
My personal style is to focus everything I can on attack speed and lead with my shield stun so it’s cooldown resets by the time I might need it again. I try to focus on choke points on the maps considering Galz does do very well as a territorial hunter of sorts. When Hp get’s a bit lower than half make sure you have a way to back up so enemies can’t get behind you (hence the choke points) and keep your shield up.
-Incursion: Hold the line before your sentry and try to move up when allies make a push
-Meltdown: Quick hit and run against minions works wonders for me personally and you have enough survivability to scrap with one or two players at a time, but it’s always good to have a bit of backup.

I tend to play her recklessly and aggressively in PvP though so I do die quite a bit, but I still often get 1-3 kills per death… I do not recommend this…

One thing I’ve found on Meltdown when you’re without a good healer is to make sure the supply station in middle front of your base is built and to retreat to that one once in a while. You wanna stay 100% health when you enter combat to get that ranged attack and going back to the supply station is always better than staying in a losing fight rather than returning to finish a fight later. Another note is that in doing this, you might want to consider using a healing received bonus item.
I use a cheap white 14% flat healing received item that costs roughly 400 shards I believe. Also, like @Jordangold527 said, don’t play her recklessly and rack up kills and deaths because it won’t win a sustained Meltdown game at least.

Honestly best thing to do is look for videos of successful Gal’s and to post video of your own matches. You’re asking very broad generalized questions so it’s difficult to hone in on what’d be useful to you.

If you need Gear / Build advice though you can definitely get that here as well. Are all of your mutations unlocked btw?

I have all the mutations except one. I don’t have all her lore challenges done, though - I am having trouble killing Ambras.

Ambra lore challenge is a pain. There’s a thread floating around with my suggestions which is to basically PM the opposing Ambra and as if they’re ok with giving you some kills for a challenge.

More to your original questions though, there’s a lot to what you’re asking since you’ll fight differently and develop a playstyle based on A)What skill/mutations you have unlocked B)What Gear loadouts you use and C)Team composition of both your team AND the enemy team.

A) To this effect, I reccommend EvelShadows guide (for most characters actually):

B)I gear for Shard generation via a legendary damage absorption/reduction into shards armor piece, Health Regen, and Attack Speed.

C)One of the biggest factors of a match is if you have a support character on the team or not. Logically a support character paying attention to you as the primary Tank/Laner will let you play more aggressive and stay in the lane more. So then the opposite is true; no support teammate means you’ll have to be more selective in encounters and not extend too far without jeapordizing yourself.

I can walk you through encounters but it’d be easier if you asked for more specific stuff that gave you trouble. If you want general high-level Galilea tips:

  • Learn how to body block players as you’re attacking. Often your Desecrate will be used to poisition/debuff enemies and you want to circle strafe to cut off their escape route while still damaging them.

  • Use your shield and the environment to protect yourself early on (which means pre lvl 3) when you’re DPS is lower.

Everything else about her is meh/situatuonally useful except for her sword ranged attack at full health… that thing wrecks thrall camps in incursion if you aim for the head to get crits. Plus, your melee swings AND sword swings will hit simultaneously from the Goldilocks zone… this is also true for players - aim for the head!

Also, corruption is what makes Gal tick… and corruption is best built with ranged attacks before diving into the party. You can literally gain full corruption by hitting the sentry with your ranged attack from far, far away before charging in to battle.

Finally, take that helix muation upgrade that increases attack speed while fully corrupt.

But don’t plan on having that ranged attack after you dive in because the whole team will be trying to kill you first. Everybody still has that “Omg, kill that Galilea!” Mentality.

Alas I have said too much. I hear the Nerf Wraiths circling overhead!

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LOL, I never thought of going that far to message someone asking for kills. I like the hustle here.