Help with Power Levelling To 50

Any kind soul out there that can help me power level to 50? am currently on level 34 but have a cache of Level 50 weapons that I’m desperate to play with. Psn is andrewmarks1, bit cheeky but if you don’t ask bla bla bla

Hey man, if you’re on or able to get to TVHM then I can help you out. I have some time at the weekend. Pm me: then_i_am_mad-

Level 50, PS4 :ok_hand:


If you’re on now, I’m looking to run some tests at the Proving Grounds in about half an hour. Probably wont get you to 50, but you can tag along for a few levels.

@kozak-creative you’d be welcome to join too, I’m always down for some co-op runs.

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Are you able to help me with a couple of levels aswell? @Slif_One ?

Brilliant am on TVHM but level 35, my psn is andrewmarks1 will send you friend request later.

At work at the moment until later unfortunately, thank you anyway will send you a friend request later if your around.

@Reganze @kozak-creative are you both on now?

@Reganze what’s your PSN?

I have to study for at least another 6 hours today, lol. But I definitely have time at the weekend if you’re still up for it? I’ve completed the proving grounds and the circle of slaughter so if you want any advice on the most difficult (i.e. the ones to get out of the way, lol) then give me a shout. Otherwise, I don’t mind lending a hand in either of them :slight_smile:

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Nice one, catch you later man :ok_hand:


Thanks but I’ve got that sorted, my Amaras are beasts :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ahhh sweet :ok_hand:

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Psn: Reganze__