Help with PS4 audio in online play. Please

My husband and I have always only played couch co-op on both PS3 and now PS4 so we have never had to use headphones/mics. Anyway, we bought our oldest son (who is a PC gamer) a PS4 for his birthday and he and his wife bought the Handsome Collection so we can play together.

Last night was our first go at it and the audio was a disaster! We all have headphones/mics and it took us forever to get it all working so we could hear each other. However the audio was garbled, clicking, echoing and just awful and unusable. We had to play using the our telephones on speakerphone because the in game communications were horrid.

Has anyone else had this issue or are we doing something wrong?

I am having the same problem, it is not the PS4 or the mics either, tested with the same people in multiple games and borderlands was the only issue. Hope they find a fix soon

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Had the same issue with my boyfriend last night. He tried multiple headsets with no fix. Ended up switching to party chat through the PS4 and could hear each other fine.

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Been having the same problems. Sounds like a typewriter on steroids in the background. Much worse when anyone goes into a menu.

Tried all kinds of things and no relief yet.

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Thanks. Once I figured out how to do that, it worked like a charm. Much appreciated.

same here.

We tried party chat and still couldn’t get it to work. I’m glad you at least found a work around.

Party chat sometimes can be elusive. Took a few times to get my brother and I to even hear each other. There were times we were not on the same page (so to speak). It was not automatic. The more I use this method, hopefully the easier and more automatic it will become.

The game’s chat is incredibly bugged and unusable.

It’s been reported by other users as well.

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@Jeffybug or @joekgbx, Do you know if the devs are aware of this issue with the audio in online play for PS4?

Hi @Artemis_Cai,

Yes the team is aware and looking into it. Thanks!

@joekgbx that is great news! Thanks!

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