Help with Raid bosses

I need help with Dragons, Gee and need help with ohm ohm onhk

By the way this for 360 users only

If your looking for people to physically help you, this should be in the online-play section.

If your looking for advice or strategys then this is the right forum.

I know its just online no one wants to do bosses

Right forum looking for players/help

For Zer0 Ruthl3ss Raid3r, May help also by telling what Play-through, and Level that you are needing help with. Also the times that you are playing

Tell me your gt ill add you its on uvhm im lvl 58 zero need help with dragons of destruction gee and if can help me spawn triple o

A mod must of moved it, it was in general discussion when I found it.

That would be me. It was in the wrong place at first, but I moved it. Silently. -shifty eyes-

being sneaky, huh. figured that might possibly be it, but wasn’t sure

GT same as name , but may want to make sure our times match, just messaged back a person in the UK last night that the time I’m on xbox is very early morning there. 5 Hours diff. between my time zone and the UK’s

in fact the link to my help page should appear to the right of this post, iof not then the post is about 7 or 8 posts below yours. The first post gives everything I will and will not do as well as the time that I am on and available

Tomorrow I might be on at 4 or 5 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: