Help with Remastered Collectors Edition Mother ship

I got the remastered collectors edition box today and before I plug the ship into the wall I just wanted to be safe and ask is it okay to use the standard say iphone charger wallwart that is rated at 5V 1A to power the led lights?

Hi @Nebula17011!

I can’t confirm one way or the other, so my advice would be just use the included adapter. Can’t be too careful after all, right? Hope you enjoy it!

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there is no included adapter

there is not even a space for it in mine

So there’s just the USB cable?

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Yes it only has the usb cable

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Ok, I would email: "" and ask them to confirm before you try it. Feel free to report back here so people can see for future reference.

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Well I just assumed an iphone adapter would be “fine” and, for me, it is! Your mileage might vary. This info comes with no warranty! But I really cannot see why this isn’t going to be OK. Good luck!

FYI, on the box it says 5v maximum.

However it also says, only power from computer or similar sources with USB 2 or 3 terminals. Do not Power with AC adapter.

FWIW the iPhone adapter/Walwart IS, of course, a “similar source with USB 2 terminal”.

Welp here is the conversation I had with support.

What I asked:

Hello I recently received the Collectors Edition box today and I say it is awesome BUT I have one question.

The ship came with a usb power cable and no adapter with a little pamphlet stating to use 5v sources only.

I want to plug the ship into a wall socket so I do not have it tethered to my pc all the time.

What I have available is an iphone usb charger wallwart with an output of 5V 1A.

I wanted to just confirm if this was alright to use.

What I got:


We are very excited that you are loving your Mothership! I have good news for you… You can plug the ship into the wall socket and should have no issues.

If you have any other questions, please let us know!

Customer Support Team Lead
Idea Planet Collectibles

So the answer is yes I can use my usb charger. Just the pamphlet that came in the box was confusing.

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