Help with shift

I made my shift account a few years ago and I have no idea what the password is to it, I also have no idea what the password is to the email I used to create that account. I’ve opened a ticket with the support team but it’s not really getting me anywhere, will it auto sign me in when I come to play borderlands 3 or will I have to sign in using a email and password? As when I login on the website I can just sign in with Xbox live. Any help would be massively appreciated

If you can login to the website, you should in theory be able to change both the associated email and the account password? At least, I’m seeing those options under “Profile” and “Password” respectively on the SHIFT web site for my account.

Not sure what will happen with BL3. I think I didn’t have to sign in when I launched the HC versions of BL2 and TPS after moving from 360, but that was a long time ago and memory is a bit fuzzy. I know I didn’t have to do that for BL1 GOTY Remaster though - just accept the terms and conditions within the game.