Help with Shooting Hobos!

Well it’s probably long overdue, but I’ve decided to put my shark on the backburner for a while and step into the shoes of a Hobo Killer. I’m rank 17 with Marquis but I’d appreciate some tips to help me succeed more with him than I currently am, which isn’t much I must say( ;-;), Anyways, any help would be appreciated.

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What loadout are you using?

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3 white 420 activation cost. Attk dmg, Regen, and max health

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Turn on iron sights aim assist and proceed to do nothing but quick scope. Just like Alice_Margtroid taught me.


I’d say max health and regen are near pointless on him. he should be toward the back where he can’t get hit so max health/regen on him is pointless. If you’re still set on getting max health/health regen you might need to splurge into some purples. Here are some options:

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otherwise I’d recommend attack damage, attack speed, recoil (if you have issues hitting while scoped/use a lot of attack speed), maybe reload speed.
I think his gun abilities shine and even 3 white gear that buff him will be noticeably helpful


Blaaaine, shut up…! Kinda still maining Toby here…



also: what helixes are you choosing? that could make or break a good marquis

Loadout: Epic Atk dmg w/ atk spd + Epic LLC Atk Spd w/ Shield cap. + shard gen (can trade the shard gen, but i like getting the gear ASAP)

Helix: 1R/2L/3R/4L/5L/6R/7L/8L/9R/10R

I made a guide to Hoodini here:

@Bisco0823 is another Marquis expert. You should probably trust him over me.

Please do not take this seriously, OP. It’s fairly cancerous. But I honestly recommend turning off Aim Assist, it will help you more than not, unless you consider your aim abysmal.

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stealth toby is best toby

Against a marquis with half a brain, on Overgrowth? Pfft. Video or it didn’t happen (without using the vertical boosts at the backdoor area, which is the only way i can see, and which would be impressive but suicidal against a competent team)!

Hey man, my Toby has stolen thralls on OG with the first sentry still up. Don’t doubt my ability to blend in.


HA!! That counts as using the back door! I win, i think!

Well, excuuuse me for finding it hard to believe that a penguin-like alien with a propensity for shouting, who pilots, a giant creaking mech suit, can be inconspicuous!

I think the biggest difference you could make is probably positioning. Proper vantage points make or break many Marquis (ignoring the quick scopers or those amazing people who can strafe and jump while landing crits). There should be some footage from the folks around here of Marquis, and perhaps giving those a glance could give you some ideas. If you find you like being farther out, try the skill range helices so you can wave clear well. Speaking of, he is a fantastic wave clear, putting up some very strong damage, especially once he hits Windfall. Try to focus on that once he hits 4 and 7 to spike up faster to late game. He sometimes really needs that ult to burst targets for kills, so getting to 5 is crucial. Once you’re there, try to use it on chokepoints, like the mid-Overgrowth squeeze.

Secondly, I would recommend adding more emphasis on attacking to your set; He needs a bit more than just attack power. You seem to favor cheap builds so attack power, regen, and then skill damage would likely help you the most. As you get better, you can grab attack speed, but earlier on you’ll want to focus on learning to land some shots. I would almost always avoid crit gear, unless going for a niche build or an anti-Toby draft build. Now, some people may find the inclusion of regen odd, but you seem to like it and so do I. He tends to have long periods without damage, so being able to sit back and heal without heading back is rather nice.

One last note: stick around your team. A solo Marquis doesn’t exactly have too many safeguards.
Good luck, and happy hunting!

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This I can get behind.

For me, I tend to go: Attack Damage, Reload Speed and Health Regen. But I think out of them all, reload speed is the most essential. Oh, and spam Temporal Distortion.

honestly I don’t find reload speed that important. especially after taking the skill that buffs his attack speed and reload speed.

cooldown rate would be a pretty good one as temporal distortion is great though

I agree that reload speed isn’t as good as the others. But if you go cooldown, either go full cooldown or make sure it’s 15% AT LEAST. He already has short cooldowns so I never take cooldown anyways.

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Last I used Marquis was before the quick melee nerf. I used to be up close and personal with my pimp hand. Ah, those were the days.

He still has mad aim assist tho so exploit the hell out of that while you can. Just quicksope every shot, focus on attack speed and take ein zwei die for max effectiveness of shots.

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Do not listen to these people telling you to quickscope. It is tear jerking. Or, well, I suppose you could, if it means Gearbox becomes more aware of the problem.

For some actual tips…

Crucial helices:

Level 4 - Time Killer – 81 damage per second with a powerful slow and a decent radius is no joke. Waveclearing machine, also just powerful in general. The other option is negligible.

Level 5 - Efficiency Expert — Actually… I’m not sure if this gives the highest DPS boost since the nerf to Marquis’ passive long ago. But I’m going to assume it does. So… assuming… that it does… er… take it.

Level 8 - Windfall - Major Hoodini damage boost, 120 per second in that small but nasty puddle. Turns hoodini into a waveclear nightmare. Hoot of the Vigilant is cool, but it only doubles damage of Hoodini and takes a while for the shots to hit their target, even with Strigiform Swiftness at level one.