Help with skill tree

I am jumping back on BL3 after being off for maybe a year. I was level 50 did everything through mayhem 3. But now I need to work on my skill tree and build currently
I am rocking a nimbus.
And nothing in my green tree.
I have been trying to find the build I was working from and thought I screenshot it but I can’t find it but it’s been so long, I think I found a build then tweaked it.
I am just trying to figure out where to put these new skill points I’m getting. I’m thinking of adding to my green tree maybe to Clarity and root to rise to start. I have the skill tree calculator up and I’ve been messing around with it
Or maybe I should just change my build entirely? It works and I’m jamming through for now but I haven’t placed any of my skill points yet IM SCURRD lol don’t want to mess up my build D:! Any suggestions or tips plz :two_hearts:

You can respec at anytime, it only takes 10% of your money. Experiment!

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Yeah I think maybe I’ll start building into my green tree. I’ve been away for so long I didn’t even know they added a fourth skill tree!! So can’t wait till I unlock that!

The fourth tree is DLC. It will only unlock if you buy it.

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