Help with slaughter star 3000!

I’m level 56 haven’t finished the story yet. I’m getting tired of trying to beat this solo and dying at the very end. Desperate need of assistance add me MrMojoRisin-91


I’d gladly help but im sure there’s some variables screwing with our match:
continental lag, platform, etc…
Instead i’ll give you a tip though.
The slaughters arent that hard, specially if youre max level. If you are level 56, just keep at it to grind your lvl 60 and then go town on em. Maybe try a crowd control focused build, since enemeis tend to gather in groups in the Slaughterstar.

But hey, if you live in europe and play on steam (or does EPIC have crossplay?), hit me up, we’ll wipe the floor with them lmao. I’d let you ride my iron bear turret, hahahaha!!

I get so close but those NOGs that have those shields screw me. I’ll get it down hopefully. Appreciate your advice

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Make sure you have a shock weapon to take their shields down quickly.

I play the Slaughterstar all the time. Check the in-game SHiFT thing for a friend invite from me.

Darn I’m on PS4 and love love the Star. Sorry I can’t help.

I’m on ps4 as well

I remember wrecking that whole thing with a firestorm at 57 on m4 too. I had a destructo spinner rad and corrosive i think? Andd a maggie. That was my loadout i believe when i destroyed it.

Thats a bad loadout nowadays but lol

Oh man vanilla pre mayhem2.0 was so fun

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One trick for that particular area is to use a Transformer shield, with the number of shock heavies and the guys with the electric batons it helps to kill them last and let their attacks recharge you shields- As for the Nogs a quasar grenade is particularly useful against them- If you could tell people which character and build you are using we could toss out more advice