Help with story on True Vault Hunter

Hey guys,

For some reason, I can’t get anybody to join my games on Xbox One. I used to be able to. Don’t know what happened.

Anyways, I’m looking for players to help me get through the story and to maybe do some trading with.

I have a couple Legendaries, but none are all that strong. Atleast in true vault hunter mode.

Add me please. GT = GT BoSox

What game and where are you stuck?

Sequel. I’m not stuck per say. Just need help getting through faster. Just got to Outland Canyon.

If you want my help I’m 70, send a message to Ferocious on Xbox.

Just Ferocious?

I’m level 55 btw. No mic though. Hope you don’t mind.

Yea “Ferocious”

Alright man. Sent you a FR.

I have every character maxed out on BL2 but just started the sequel on XB1. Looking for someone to power lvl me to 50 or whatever is Max on the sequel now… I’m willing to power level anyone on bl2 in return or once I’m Max on sequel I’ll power level anyone. Gamertag (AciDic Connor)