Help with terramorphis

I would be very pleased if someone could help me with killing terramorphis as a commando lvl 50. Weapons skill tree etc

You might want to repost in the appropriate on-line play section for your platform. The PS3, 360, and PC ones are under the Borderlands 2 main category, while the XB1 and PS4 ones are under the Handsome Collection main category.


Yeah, plus Terra doesn’t appear in TPS…

Unless he’s a really , REALLY well hidden easter egg. :smile:


What platform are you playing on?

Well, technically, a young Terramorphous shows up in the mission Home Delivery!


lmao @ farsight, exactly what I was gonna say.


named Meg. lmao

Not quite. When you send the two threshers down to Hammerlock at the end of that mission, he tells you that they’ve got an affinity for human flesh, although he doesn’t think it will be a problem since they’re so small. He also lets you know that he named one of the threshers “Terry”.


I’ll just stop you there. I know brutha. :wink: I was just teasing… Meg is the mini Terra. lol again, I’m teasing.

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I always thought “Meg” was Terra’s mom, and that he grew so big because there was more to eat on Pandora :wink:

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Shut up, Meg