Help with text size please

Hi.hope I’m on the right place and forgive leaving posts about this on other boats. I’m having problemex with the text size. It’s so small It can’t be read by the person playing it. I’ve adjusted TV.made no difference . Have asked around but no solution. It’s unplayable in our situation. Can anyone over any solutions please. Thanks

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Well, the text size is a wellknown issue - many many players have issues with it (me too) and complained on the forums.

In another topic, some weeks back, a Dev responded to this issue. The cause why the font is so tiny is, that the text needs to be translated in many different languages without changing its size.

One of the languages is german - which has ridiculous long words. So GBX had to choose that small text-size to translate texts into german without changing the general font-size.
(Like ridiculous is a short term in german. I´m german, its sad but true, our language sucks…)

I think it was Randy V. who stated that they are not satisfied with this textsize either, but sadly theres nothing to do at the moment. Since GBX-devs dislike the textsize as well we can only hope that there´ll be a solution oneday.
But it could be that theres no way to solve this, due to localizations on consoles. (Console option localize games, to present them in the language of your current region.)

Fun fact: Though they did the small text to have the game translated into german, the text is sooooo tiny I can´t really read it. We bought a new huge TV just to be able to read the text, and it solved nothing… Plus: the german translations suck big time. They are just bad, really bad… But I think thats on 2K…

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Actually, without changing the text box size within the screen layout. You could in theory alter the font size so that the text just fit regardless of how many characters (so the German version would have the smallest font and English likely the largest). Not sure if that’s feasible within the engine though.


I really wondered the same, it seemed to function this way in BL-2 and TPS, but I´m not completely sure…

As german BB fan I gladly would take the game as 100% english version if the font would be bigger. And it would decrease the amount of headache arround the world.

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While it’s not ideal, I tend to use Magnifier to counter these issues. As I’m very poor sighted myself, I have trouble as well. What I did to deal with small text in games is use AutoHotKey to toggle Magnifier easily. You’ll have to play your games in windowed / borderless but it’s worth it.

Heres’s the thread, if you want to have a look.

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