Help with the crashing

(steal1) #1

Since the latest update my game crashes every time i try to load it. I had one auto save and two seperate manual saves and yet i cannot load any of them. This has really made me angry as i was saving the game on two seperate slots to make sure this did not happen. Sort it out?

(steal1) #2

It only crashed once before on PS4 prior to the update. Everytime you get killed now. You get an error.

(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #3

If you wouldn’t mind submitting a support ticket here with the issue itself, and if it’s possible a copy of any error log it might help the developers to fix the issue.

(steal1) #4

No! Ive send endless reports off to playstation it is crap! Im absolutely fuming! How can you have 3 seperate saves and yet they all corrupt. £60 spent on this sack of bollocks. Really enjoyed it but it has wiped me so far back i dont want to play it any more. is there anyway to get any of my saved games back?