Help with the Seer?

Okay, I’d hazard to guess I’m actually at the very end of Ava’s mini campaign, and I’m at the Seer boss fight. I am… struggling a lot.

Fortunately, I’m not struggling with staying alive, but this thing is sponging up bullets like no tomorrow. Took me forever to cut down the first health bar, and once I get to Bar 2, I of course lose complete sight of the bugger 'cause of the blindness, the exceeding amount of visual effects, and getting swarmed by a mob. Low and behold, Seer regens over half of its first health bar by the time I’m reoriented.

So, that being said, any tips on beating this boss? I’d rather not have to lower Mayhem, but I’m not well-versed in the meta builds, as I’m more of a casual player.

Currently running a Zane. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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The only way I could cheese that fight as quickly as possible was equipping my clone with a shock/corrosive sandhawk, and it still took me over 10 minutes, that’s a raid boss heathbar right there, and like all raid bosses right now, the rewards will fall short . :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Stay out of the water to avoid spawning too many mobs but keep them close. When you lose vision use the minimap to track Seer and spam a weapon with a big AOE.


Yeah, that fight can be a bit of a pain. Can’t really tell you much about the first two phases but I believe I’ve figured out the healing. From what I have seen, I think the healing is caused by the Heralds she spawns, so once she enters her third phase, you need to make sure that you are killing them all.

It still is kind of a lengthy fight because she’s just straight-up tanky, but not having to deal with the healing helps a lot.

Other than that… I’ve had good success using a Clone&Drone build with a SNTL Cryo Plasma Coil, but any high damage option should work.


Is it the heralds? I thought it was because the Seer was standing in the water. When the one I was fighting got low on final bar, it headed out into the water and started regenerating quickly. Regen seemed to stop when I lured it out.

Fight was so chaotic at that point, my drone could have been killing heralds the entire time and I missed it.


Maybe it’s the water, too. The fight so messy it’s difficult so see what’s going on.


I went in with Amara. I couldn’t get the yellow health bar down. Made it about 75% of the way before I ran out of bullets. About the only thing that was even tickling the health bar was a Plasma Coil but mine isn’t great. I’m gonna give it a go again tonight but I may have to back down my Mayhem from 11.


My budget build will help you out. Go with a Dome Drone Seeing dead build. The items you’ll need will be a seeing red class mod from DLC1. Doesn’t matter on rolls just get one. Go to arms race and grab a Dark army with shock ele (annoint asa will help), and lastly a cutpurse artifact. Go to the zone and sprint directly to him and just hose him down with the dark army and melee him if you run a little low (50%) on ammo. Your dome will stay up and you’ll be fine.


I was able to kill and farm Seer fairly quickly with Shock/Corrosive Sandhawks on a Clone/Drone Seein Dead Zane I also had a 0.m on for some extra dmg for my clone. The boss is extremely tanky so I would take along any extremely heavy hitting guns and match elements as much as possible. Plaguebearers , Sandhawks, and Plasma Coils are probably your best bet URAD will probably be your best bet for anoints though for the armor phase switch to ASE corrosive or Drone Cryo if your running Zane.

Also I can confirm the healing is done by the heralds from the ghost orb things they make, as soon as they spawn melt them as fast as possible.

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The boss really is this tanky ? I just came in with my Fl4k and started blasting with my Monarch + St4ckbot setup. Boss lasted less than a minute on M11.
I guess I should try a normal setup next time to actually see

I had a bit of trouble with amara too but she can cheese seer with the homing orbs from blue tree. Grasp the mob while they are near boss, shoot them with a plaguebearer or similar rocket launcher and the overkill damage should be enough to few shot it.

I had boss’s health go from mid yellow bar to dead with one orb. It’s a challenge to replicate but it works. Also, if you happen to come across a x2 radical pistol (boss from 3rd mystery mission dropped it for me) - it’s a badass against shields and overall is an awesome pistol.

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I finished it on my second run. Changed over to an Om shield for the extra damage. Still ran out of ammo with only about 1/8 of the last health bar left. I switch to a melee +60% weapon and just stabbed Seer to death. Lol. Took a bit but I conquered. The good thing is if you stay close to Ava she’ll prevent you from bleeding out.

ok wth are you supposed to do once his bar is empty? Is this a bug or I am missing something?

This is dumb :rofl:


Would you mind sharing a little bit more?
Flak’s action skill? Monarch’s annoint? Stackbot’s attributes?

Fade Away + Guerilla and Unblinking Eye as augments. I play a Urad setup using Red + Green Teee, and blue until I reach Frenzy.

Monarch was a corrosive one with 50/150 annoint (CH 1% would probably be better though). My shield, a Re-Volter with ASS annoint. Relic was an Atom Balm Deathless, and the relic a St4ckbot with crit damage/Assault Rifle Damage/Smg Damage rolls

I used the same setup to farm Hermi. You don’t need healthgate when you got the holy damage :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have an issue where the Seer stayed invisible. I depleated all the health bars but nothing happened. I think it is a glitch. Anyone else had this?

see 3 posts above.
It’s a bug, had to reload the zone to kill him again.

I 1 shot kill him with my Zane build. Using radiation complex root with 200% splash annoint, swapping to guardian angel with 300-90, hustler cm with splash damage, splash radius and crit damage, elemental projector victory rush with radiation damage, area of effect damage and mag size, any grenade with either 50% bonus cryo damage after action skill use(if using the cannon + barrier) or 100% bonus cryo damage when the drone is active(if using the cannon + the drone) and for shield i use red suit with 50% bonus rad damage after action skill use and have 20% chance of 20% damage booster when damaged as stat on the red suit. This is my build - Zane.


The heralds heal the Seer with the orbs–you can either shoot the orbs or kill the heralds.

I’ve only fought the seer with zane and gave the clone the plasma coil for the shock phases (free radical was also good) and then when the corrosive phase came I killed my clone then reactivated him with a corrosive sand hawk while I used a corrosive monarch.

I do not have to bother about these details though. I shoot, i switch to guardian angel, he dies, gg.

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